“I Never Knew His Name, The true face of Muslim martyrdom”

Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows that I started blogging after my nephew was killed in Kuwait. If one goes back through my posts they will see my undying support for our troops, my love of my country, and my love for my nephew. But I hope you will also see my attempts to understand the situation in the Middle East and my sincere hope for a better, peaceful coexistence between all people regardless of their race, religion, or national origin.

One of the things that gives me the most hope for this eventual outcome is the stories of the compassion and love for children displayed by our troops that keep coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan. None of us will ever forget the amazing story by Michael Yon, “Little Girl” with the picture of Major Mark Bieger cradeling this little girl in his arms in Mosul as he raced to get her to help at the American hospital. The little girl died in his arms on the way.

A suicide bomber drove his car and hit the Stryker when about twenty children were jumping up and down and waving at the soldiers. The bomber could have waited for the Stryker to be past the kids, but chose not to do so. I didn’t think any story could ever move me again as much as this one story did, but I was wrong!

I was visiting Iraq the Model today when I came across a link to this story at the NRO. Like Omar, I find myself unable to make further comments. Please, click on the link and read this truly amazing and touching story. I promise you won’t be sorry!


~ by devildog6771 on November 14, 2005.

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