Don’t Forget Sgt. Eddie Ryan

“Mom in America” gave me a tip about a soldier who needs our help. His name is Sgt. Eddie Ryan, USMC. Eddie had wanted to be a Marine since he was twelve. I certainly understand that. I shared that dream myself. So after High School, just like me he joined the Corps. Our similarities ended there. In September of 2002 he went to Iraq. After he came home he went to sniper training and then returned to Iraq in March of this year. He was shot twice on April 13, 2005 this year by his own men accidentally. One shot hit him in the head. The other hit him in the jaw. Amazingly, against all the odds and the doctor’s predictions, Eddie survived. He is making remarkable progress.

Mom in America2 says:“Eddie could use some help along the way. He’s getting the therapy he needs. Hospitals and Recuperation centers get lonely though, even with Mom there 24 hours a day. His sister comes as well and Dad is now coming right after work every day…. it’s about a 2 to 2 and 1/2 hour drive depending on traffic, each way. The thing is, Eddie loves to hear from people. He loves to see pictures drawn by kids. Eddie loves to connect with people in this way.

If you could send Eddie a card, a drawing by a child, a note, I’m sure he’d appreciate it! He loves getting mail!!!

You can mail Eddie at this address:

SGT. Eddie Ryan
4A Room 12
Helen Hayes Hospital Route 9W
West Haverstraw, NY10993

If you’d like to go find out more about Eddie, please go to

God bless!

A Mom in America”

If you can help Sgt. Ryan and his family, please do so. I know the cards, letters, and pictures from kids and people help his morale a lot. Morale makes a big difference on the road to recovery for injured soldiers. Those with brain injuries require a lot of help as their brains heal and they fight their way back to health. I already contacted the people at “Project Valour-IT” to see if they can help him. They are the people who helped Capt. Charles Ziegenfuss so he could start blogging again with a special computer. By the way, Chuck just had surgery again. I am sure he would love to hear from people as he continues to make his recovery.

A friend of Eddie’s left this comment on my blog. I’d like to share her comments with everyone who is trying to help Eddie.

“Thank you for putting this information on Sgt. Eddie Ryan in your blog. I am a very close family friend of Eddie’s, and It’s wonderful to see people trying to help him in any way possible. Again, thank you for all that you’ve done.
Jessica Ropke | 11.01.05 – 11:10 am”

Please continue to offer your support with cards, letters, and pictures by kids . Also over in my side bar under “Pay it Forward” is a link to Chuck’s blog. I know Chuck and his wife could use the moral support and friendship! Here’s Chuck’s address:

CPT Charles W. Ziegenfuss (or Carren)
PO Box 59051
Washington, DC 20012

God Bless all of you out there who take the time to help our injured troops.Here is the beginning of my post.

9edited to add Chuck’s address)


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