Intellectual Discrimination or aiding our enemies.?

Regime Change Iran has a posting all Americans ought to read and be concerned about. As you read the rhetoric of that nut case in Iran, ask yourself where you have heard those words before.

Do we have a history with this man?

This is the whole picture not shown above. Take a close look!

I’d say this is a clear indication of what he has in mind for the U.S and then Israel

While the Democrats are so busy trying to tear down and destroy every thing good done by the present administration, their own house is falling in around them like a house of cards. Fascist and socialist groups are busy using the Cindy Sheehans of America to play on our sympathies. They are heartlessly using our dead sons and daughters in their self motivated plans.

They are also trying to get their candidate selected as the presidential nominee for the Democratic party in the up coming election. Do a search on the Progressive Caucus and its affiliates. Do the same for ANSWER and CODE PINK. Take a look at the Black Caucus, the Evangelical Movements, the Hispanic Caucus, the Women’s Movement, and the other smaller caucuses. They are being used and courted by ANSWER and the other fascist groups.

The MSM is refuses to print anything but a one sided presentation of the War on terror and more specifically, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Everything they print is studied and gone over by the terrorists. The terrorists repeatedly said that the MSN is one of its biggest intelligence sources. If those people running the “big 3” don’t consider themselves aiding and abetting the enemy, wonder how their stockholders would feel?

If you think the influx of illegals from Mexico especially are extreme, go to a gas station or convenience store and see who’s running them. Take a look at the newspapers laying on the bottom rack of the newspaper stand in these stores. Go over to Regime Change Iran. Read the entire article. Then ask yourself the same question he asks, “Why haven’t we seen these pictures or this story in (American) MSM?” I recently read somewhere that the courts a while back determined that the MSM can’t be forced to present specific news. The specific case was not mentioned. Nor were any other specifics.

Well why the hell not? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a state sponsored news agency that acts like an automaton! What I want is to force to media to cover all the news instead of censoring what they report. When censorship is practiced, no matter who does so, it is wrong. When censorship is practiced by the media, it is especially abhorrent because the media, that bastion of the first amendment principles, is being hypocritical. The media, in my opinion, is a threat to our National Security when it does not report all the news.

The public cannot make informed decisions with half truths and half the facts. As such the media is allowing itself to become a political tool. It is influencing, deliberately, the political climate in our country. Instead of serving the public good and welfare of the public, the media is controlling the public. It is taking away our rights of free speech, active engagement in debate, and active political involvement because the tools, information so necessary for these processes to work, are being denied the American public. In other words, they are practicing censorship. In a way they are practicing a form of discrimination. Instead of racial, religious, or ethnic discrimination, they are practicing intellectual discrimination. This is, to me, as criminal as any other form of discrimination. Isn’t that illegal under the Constitution?


~ by devildog6771 on November 3, 2005.

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