Who are Our American Soldiers?

I was over at “American Soldier” the other day and a visitor posted a comment that really got my blood boiling. Of course I am aware that we are a country that allows free speech. However, don’t good manners and tact count any more? The comment still bothers me because “AS” isn’t the only soldier who has received non supportive comments or ones with a political slant on their blog or in their email. In defense of and out of respect for all our soldiers, I would like to share my comments to this individual and anyone else who would dare put down one of our troops. Read on:

“(Name), how many people in Louisiana did you rescue during the hurricane relief efforts? Did you just come back from a tour in Iraq, and then have to go there and sleep on pallets too? How many snipers did you kill because they were killing our troops in Iraq? How many buddies did you hold in your arms as their life’s blood drained away as you watched helplessly, praying to God he’d take you instead? How many days have you worked 16-36 hours straight without sleep? How about eating that junk our guys call food in those foil packs because there is no other food to eat. Was yours good? When your power goes off next time and you shiver in the cold water as you bath remember our deployed soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan do it every day! How many schools did you help build today? How many children did you give shoes, school supplies, candy, and soccer balls that you managed to collect instead of having people send you stuff for your own personal comfort? What about the broken bodies of innocent children, how many did you save today? How many sick civilians did you give medical care to? How many IEDs did you destroy so none of your men or the innocent civilians would be killed by it? Drag any burning mangled bodies of your friends and buddies from any burning vehicles today? See any of your buddies blown up as they ate in the mess hall?

How many Pakistani did you rescue from the earthquake wreckage today before you went back to war? How many times have you left behind your children or spouse so you could answer the call to defend your country, help flood and earth quake victims, fight a forest fire, because you felt you owed it to your country to do your part to earn the rights we have all enjoyed so freely? How many times have you been spit on, cursed, called lazy, been paid a salary that allows you to barely live above the poverty line, fought for your benefits, worn out a single pair of boots doing all of the above [which is by far a very short list]?

What’s that? Did you say none? Thought so or you would have never asked a soldier that question or for that matter a Cop, EMT, or Fireman. In my family we have all served as all or some of these. Are we special, no? We’re just Americans doing our part and we didn’t wear pink shorts to do it either.(edited for errors by AS with my permission)”

God Bless all our troops. We can never repay you for all you and your families have sacrificed. For those families who have lost a loved one, myself included, I especially offer my heartfelt belief your loved one did not die in vain. Regardless how your loved one left us, he or she is still very much a hero in my book. They will not be forgotten! Be safe! All I have to offer in the way of thanks is a simple “THANK YOU!”

I encourage you all every time you see a soldier, go up to him or her and say, “Thank you!” I do it all the time. Sometimes if I have the money I buy them a cup of coffee. But believe me when I say that the look on their faces when I tell them “thank you” is priceless!


~ by devildog6771 on October 27, 2005.

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