Why can’t the media get it right about the war?

For a couple weeks, I have purposefully “not watched” CNN or any other “MSM.” There has been an anger building inside me now ever since my nephew Mike was killed in Kuwait on March 5, 2004. That anger at times has built up to an almost all consuming rage.

Let me explain further before you get turned off at another sad story of grief over a soldier’s death. When I got word of Mike’s death, I couldn’t believe it. Two terrorists had supposedly rammed his vehicle from behind at over a hundred miles an hour and killed him. At the time all I could think about was how dare those cowardly bastards. They didn’t even have the courage to fight like men face to face! I wanted to go to the Kuwait and kill the bastard with my bare hands. I wanted to watch his face, look into his eyes as I strangled every inch of life from his cowardly body!

I started to read the newspapers on the net from the Middle East, Europe, anywhere a search using Mike’s name would take me. I read them all. I also researched the terrorists. What countries were they from? Who supported them? What did they believe in? What made so many people, especially educated men of wealth and position, act so damn crazy?

I wanted to see the scene of the wreck. Get the name of the killers. I tried to find forums in Kuwait where I could learn more information about his death. I didn’t find any; but, I did get a lot of good, helpful support. For over a year and a half I spent my every waking moment scouring the internet. Then I got a startling bit of information.

Terrorists didn’t kill my nephew. The driver of his vehicle made an illegal turn into the path of the other vehicle. He then lied about the “accident.” However, at the trial of the Iraqi who was speeding, this coward told the truth. So where is all this going?

As I spent all those sleepless nights scouring the internet I saw something that deeply disturbed me. The media, especially in the more developed countries, had very little good to say about our going to war in Iraq. The coverage in Afghanistan was, in the beginning, more balanced. When we first went into Iraq, I felt that the MSM was supportive and fair.

I used to be entranced by the coverage provided by one journalist in particular. He sat with the troops. Dressed like them. Stayed right in the heart of it all. Even when we faced deadly opposition, before the end of hostilities was formally declared, he was right there with our troops and he gave riveting first hand accounts. Sadly, that dear man, David Bloom, died from a pulmonary embolism.

Everyday the media posted pictures from the families of their loved ones who were deployed or the ones who were killed. Centcom gave us daily briefs whenever possible. We were kept abreast of the activities of all the coalition forces, their triumphs, their failures, their losses. Great maps were shone to us that showed the movements of our forces and those of the coalition.

After 9/11, we were a United Country. Even the Democrats and Republicans got along! Great leaders like Giuliani in New York helped those of us at home begin to pull our lives back together. President Bush, in my opinion, gave some of the best, most moving speeches to the nation I have heard since John Kennedy. The unity and support across America for those people who perished on 9/11 was so strong you could feel it in the air. All across America, the people rallied. Around the world countries rallied to our support. Moving stories and pictures further united us all. The media coverage was non-stop. So what happened. When did it all change?

In my humble opinion, three things acted as a catalyst for the change in media coverage. The first was the failure of the U.N. to do more than pass resolutions. The U.N. failed to act on resolutions once they were passed with regard to Iraq. France, Germany, and Russia were especially adamant but certainly not alone. Though the coalition was a pretty large one, it had a sword of Damocles hanging over its head from the start!

Then there were the tell all books by several prominent people like Bob Woodward who covered the Watergate scandal. He wrote “Plan of Attack.” Richard Clarke, former counter-terrorism expert spoke out often against the Administration and spoke before the 9/11 Commission with a prepared statement. After many public comments on his part he published a book, “Against All Enemies.” You know the type, they exposed cover-ups, bad decisions, etc., of the administration. Of course one thing I never heard mentioned was why did these authors take two to three years writing books about serious breeches in our National Security. Why didn’t they report these activities or events? Why didn’t they give the information to the media? How much credence do they deserve when there are obviously so many political or financial motivations for their timing of the books? Why did Clarke not take care of the problem in the previous administration since he was the expert?

Lastly, as the shock of 9/11 wore off, our country came closer and closer to the Presidential Elections. Naturally both parties want to win. But for the Democrats there was a whole lot more than the National election involved. There were great divides within the Democratic Party. They still smarted from Gore’s lost presidential bid. The next bid by John Kerry was vicious to say the least. Personally, I found it hard to listen to campaign speeches that gave me running documentaries on the other party’s failures but never offered any alternative actions or solutions. The Democrats again lost the election. So now they are desperately trying to regain a momentum for the next race. Then there is the very strong influence of the Democratic Socialist of America.

The Democratic Socialist of America is affiliated with the International Socialists party. They are fascists and adhere strongly to basic Communists and Marxist philosophies. The Democratic Socialists Party has worked fiercely by supporting the Black Caucus, Now, the Evangelical Movement, the Hispanic caucus, and any other minority caucus that on their own do not have significant impact . This does not mean I do not find the issues expressed by each of these caucuses as important. There are very good things that have been accomplished by all these caucuses. However, when you combine the forces of these caucuses, they become a very powerful force to be reckoned with. Their caucus, the Progressive Caucus has increased their numbers to 61 ln the House. This movement has proliferated the news media and air ways with campaigns against the War in Iraq and every major objective the present administration has attempted to accomplish. Their goal is to build up enough of a base of voters through throwing their support and enjoining the efforts of these smaller caucuses to have their candidate selected as the candidate for the Democratic party in the upcoming presidential election.

I said that I felt there were three primary elements that were part of the shift in the MSM of the coverage of the war and this administration. These three items are outside the scope of direct cause. They are, however, extremely news worthy in that all three have generated a massive vocal responses from the fringe groups if you will. Meanwhile the major majority of Americans remain complacent. I don’t personally think they consider any of the groups singularly a threat. Then there is the arrogant attitude we all as Americans have from time to time that nothing would ever threaten our Democratic process. It has endured for over two hundred years.

It has endured because we were vigilant in our goals to remain free. But the longer we go unchallenged internally and externally, the more we or any nation becomes complacent and closes its eyes to inside threats to our basic principals as written in the Constitution. So all the while this parasite is ripping apart the Democratic party, the legitimate Democrats are acting like sharks in a feeding frenzy. Desperately trying to regain some sense or feeling of control of their party, they are so busy attacking the administration with all their talk of “I have a ‘PLAN’,” they don’t seem capable of looking inside their own party to fix their problem before it gets completely out of control.

As I said earlier, the media was doing a good job of reporting on the War in Afghanistan and Iraq in the beginning. As we got closer to Baghdad, you could feel the spirit of our troops and the coalition forces. You could feel the excitement of the embedded journalists. They were there, right beside the troops. This was the first time in history that I know of where journalists were so intimately present on the “front.” Then Geraldo gave an update of the war in the location he was covering. He told us he could not tell us certain information because it would endanger the troops and provide information to the enemy.

What he did next was either incredibly stupid or thoughtless. He drew a picture in the sand of where the coalition troops he was with were located. It didn’t mean much to me but it meant a lot to the enemy if they saw his sand drawing. He was immediately shipped home!

We moved into Baghdad fairly effortlessly. Then the resistance our troops expected throughout their campaign started. Baghdad was and still is in some areas a bitter and fierce battleground. Other places, like Fallujah were controlled by the Sunni. There were also the Baathists supporters of Saddam. Later it would come out that Saddam had prepared his troops for this reception. There were also the foreign jihadists that started pouring into Iraq from Syria and Iran from all over the Muslim world. And, the ultimate propaganda tool, no “weapons of mass destruction!”

This was the tool that our socialists “friends” and the other extremists groups in America and throughout the world were looking for. It didn’t matter that Saddam openly said later after his capture that he had prepared for our invasion. It didn’t matter that Saddam had invited Osama bin Laden to come to Iraq and set up training camps and bases to avoid being captured when the coalition invaded Afghanistan. When Saddam’s envoy met with Osama before our attack, bin Laden asked if he could come to Iraq. His envoy replied he had to ask Saddam first before he gave him an answer. When Saddam’s envoy returned to Iraq, Saddam agreed. It also didn’t matter that satellite photos showed heavy traffic in the form of trucks in convoys making numerous trips out of Iraq into Syria or Russia prior to the invasion. Those WMDs “never existed” because the coalition didn’t find them.

Mr. Bush lied. Rumsfeld lied. The UN was right. France, Germany, and Russia were right to not support the US or the coalition. The world had been betrayed. Stories had started appearing in the media critical of the administration. Questions were asked about our motives. Comparisons were made to the Israeli/Paslestinian conflict.The Democrats had a field day. After John Kerry lost his presidential bid, it only got worse. All across America rallies and protests were occurring. These people would line up outside Walter Reid, military bases, and other places where our returning and recovering troops were and are present. They were supposedly in support of our troops. It was unconscionable that our troops were dying for nothing. Worse yet that they were dying for George Bush. Iraqi civilians were dying to! The media has a notion that their job is the only one protected by the Constitution. I don’t totally agree with that line of thinking,. However, I am not part of the media or MSM. I also don’t agree that it is the Media’s job to report dissent. I feel it is their job to report “all” the news, “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!”

It appears that the media is only capable of reporting one side or the other. They must always take a position. Be for one side or the other. And, the MSM can’t stand to think they might have been duped! I think the little expression, “hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned” as aptly describes the MSM too!

So what does all this come to? Frankly I think the MSM’s poor coverage now on the war and the Democrat’s continued battering at the Administration can be summed up in one word, “ego!”

These are my opinions. I don’t care if you agree or not. I just think its time we all stopped being automatons and started to do some research and reading on our own. Read both sides of the issues at hand. Then analyze what you have read and make up your own mind. As far as the war, if you want to know what is really going on, go to the Mudville Gazette and Milbloggers.com. Look at their side bar. Start reading blogs by our troops, coalition troops, Iraqi, Afghans, and other bloggers. Again don’t just read those who agree with your particular line of thought. Then go to sources in the sidebars of the first bunch of blogs you go to until you get a rounded focus from all sides.

~ by devildog6771 on October 24, 2005.

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