Missed opportunities, again!

I read an article called, “This time, the ballot is an act of faith,” by Jane Arraf at the International Herald Tribune. At first glance I thought maybe this was going to be a fair chronicle of the recent voting in Iraq preceded by a summary of events leading up to this vote on the referendum. It was a chronicle events throughout Iraq that gave a negative spin or counter point to every positive event and step of progress since the war started. She threw away a great opportunity to show the world all that is happening inIraq that is good!

Voter turnout was great, but, they didn’t know or understand what they were voting for! In one area of Baghdad the different factions voted peacefully, side by side, as they lived! She implies the U.S. practically shoved the entire process down their throats. She talked about the dissolving of the Army in Iraq and the difficulty of rebuilding a new one. How every Iraqi family has lost people they love. How the Military and some politicians try to make us reassured because 14 provinces are fairly peaceful and three or four aren’t. I was furious when she compared this to us accepting that all America was peaceful when three of our major cities were at war. She neglected to mention that prior to this all of Iraq was at war. For every positive event she had a counter negative situation or event. However she did redeem herself somewhat in her last paragraph when she said the Iraqis took a risk when they voted but that they also showed great faith in their country succeeding in having a future!

Why didn’t she mention the number of people who now have power throughout Iraq who never had power before? How those areas are building local economies that didn’t even exist before Saddam. Nor did she mention the number of schools built or being built all over Iraq so the next generation of Iraqi can run their own country wisely. No mention was made of the hospitals being built all over Iraq or the fact that the standards of those facilities were being elevated to provide the kind of care all Iraqi ought to expect. She didn’t talk about how our troops and the coalition forces helped non skilled Iraqis develop skills that allowed them to support their families in something other than poverty. She didn’t mention how often our troops go through a small town or an area previously hostile and the children and family welcome them. How they have “tea,” which by the way is a sign of respect as I understand it, or meals with the families at the families’ invitation. No mention was made of the “Soccer Ball for every kid program” so the kids could play soccer instead of using rocks or empty cans. Or the shoes and school supplies carried by all the soldiers in their vehicles that they collected on their own to pass out at every opportunity to the kids. She didn’t mention the medical unit visits to areas throughout Iraq, including the slums of the cities to give medical treatment and inoculate the Iraqi from disease. She didn’t talk about how our troops and the Iraqi soldiers and police fight side by side now all over Iraq and mourn together each others loss of a life as if that death was their own man or woman!

She did say a great deal about the strength of the Iraqi spirit and how against all odds that spirit seemed to refuse to believe that there was no future for the Iraqi people. But I can’t help but feel terribly angry and frustrated at the fact that this reporter and most of the MSM rarely tell the American public or the Iraqi people for that matter about all that has come out of this war that is positive.

What is amazing to me is that none of the MSM seems to recognize that the hope and spirit we now see in the Iraqi at all levels was given back to them by American and coalition lives on the field of battle. It was bought by the deaths of Iraqi citizens as is the case in any war fought to free a nation from a cruel despot. Nor did any of them mention that the Iraqi Army was also a hero of this vote too. They were the ones who provided the first line of defense. In this referendum vote, the Iraqi Police and Army were there to make sure that any Iraqi who wanted to vote could do so “freely” without being imprisoned, killed by suicide bombers, or monitored to make sure they voted as they were expected to vote instead of by their own free will.

As the MSM and those people in America who profess peace at any cost go about exercising their Constitutional rights of free speech
I wonder if they ever stop to think that if the men and women who came to America prescribed to their line of thinking there would be no America! Have they also ever considered that they would have been imprisoned or executed for exercising the right they so thoughtlessly take for granted? Do they not wear the stain of the blood for the cost of our freedom paid for by their ancestors on their backs too?

Why do they also never mention that those countries like Poland who have just won their freedom after decades of tyranny do all they can to help the coalition without being asked. Even if all they can do is send 500 hundred troops because that is all they can afford to send, they do so willingly! Maybe in America we have been free for so long we have forgotten how that freedom was won! Not me!


~ by devildog6771 on October 19, 2005.

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