Again the “purple” finger goes up in Iraq!

“The New Iraqi Army has much to be proud of. They gave the arhabi the purple finger. It was a very good day.”

This is a quote from Major K as he writes about the recent elections in Iraq. During the first election the whole world watched as one by one the Iraqi people went to the polls, voted, and then taunted their would be oppressors with the display of their “purple” fingers. All the while they held smiles on their faces and a determined look in their eyes that said they preferred to be free and self governing.

But that dream can never become a reality if the military in ones country does not support the government of the people. The New Iraqi Army has joined the ranks of Iraqi citizens that showed the whole world in this election they will do what it takes to make and keep Iraq free for all its people. In this election the Iraqi Army went from the oppressor to the protector. Through their courage and determination they have made themselves an integral part of their country’s efforts in its continued road to freedom and self government.

How proud every Iraqi citizen must have felt when they saw their “own” military protecting them in this recent election. There may have been American and coalition forces standing behind them to give support when or if needed. But, the New Iraqi Army was the Army that stood its post and said, “Iraq will be free and our people will be allowed to vote freely!” All the Iraqi Army ought to be swelling with pride as “they gave the arhabi the purple finger!”

Take a look over at Majors K’s blog at his report on the election. He gives a very good accounting on the election and the role the New Iraqi Army played in the election process.
[edited to correct spelling errors]


~ by devildog6771 on October 16, 2005.

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