We have rules!

I was over at Powerline the other day reading their blog posts. I read another blog the day before that really blasted Powerline because one of the bloggers over there is a lawyer and the other is some other business type. Since I got hit by a power surge that tripped my breaker, I couldn’t find that other blog again. But the bottom line was this other blogger was blasting Powerline as being run by a “shysters lawyer” while his is run by pros, meaning, professional journalists. He wanted to know who people trusted more, a shyster or a professional journalists? He mentioned their award as the number one blog and had a few rather blunt comments about bloggers in general who are not degree journalists.

It is possible that the other “professional journalism” site was not intending any slight of bloggers in general or Powerline specifically. He may have been indulging in a little playful jabbing at another blog to boost his own readership! But I have observed that other “professionals” in the journalistic pool do appear to have similar disdain for “citizen” bloggers.

Seems they are guided by time constraints, editors, gathering facts, stories, internal and external competition, verifying information, and whatever else a real journalist does in the performance of their duties. Am I supposed to be impressed or what. So us everyday John and Jane Does don’t have to deal with all these other issues before we can post on our blogs? It isn’t as if we aren’t capable of applying the same amount of effort in the search for truth and knowledge! We just don’t get paid for what we do in most cases. We also don’t have press passes that allow access to information and news stories like the professional journalists do!

Sounds kind of mealy mouth and whiny to me. Maybe it’s even a little snobby! If the pros did their job, fairly and accurately, us nobodies with no credentials wouldn’t be doing what we are doing. But as long as the media in general continues to censor and restrict what stories and information they provide to the general public nobodies like me will continue to blog our two cents worth.

It appears to me the mainstream media is practicing censorship most of the time! That is abhorrent and a flagrant violation of the First Amendment they insist they treat as their “Bible.” Don’t “all” Americans derive equal rights under the Constitution?” But they are not censoring the news they give us because it is socially offensive. They media is censoring news for political reasons or monetary gain. This is hypocritical and condescending to me. It is especially offensive when news and information is kept from us for our own good!

What I want to know is what happened to journalistic ethics? Doesn’t the media adhere to some ethical code or something anymore? ? Don’t they have something comparable to “Hippocratic Oath” doctors use? Even us “citizen” bloggers have a code. We don’t purposefully violate copy rights. We use proper credits. We link and track back to ideas and stories at other blogs or news sources that inspire us to write our own. We read, research, and verify as much as possible our information and facts. We don’t steal the work of others. We try to clearly make a distinction between fact and opinion. And, we do make mistakes and have a few clods! We hold each other to a higher standard than we do others. We have rules.

Most of us would never write something that aided the enemy in the War on terror. We respect the right of families to be told they have lost a loved one by the Military Representative before reading about it on our blogs. We support our troops 100% and we do it with written word and action. We praise them for their successes, comfort them when they lose a brother or sister, encourage them when they despair. But we never, I repeat never, fail to be there for them. Regardless of our political views, except for those extremist on all sides, we keep those views to ourselves.

We scour the blogs of the troops actually doing the fighting. We scour the blogs and online news sources all over the Middle East and the world to get facts for our stories. We write about the good, the bad, and the ugly. But we do not run stories into the ground. We don’t write or print anything that will get our troops, other coalition forces, The Iraqi troops, Afghan troops, or innocent civilians killed. The same could never be said about the main stream media as a rule rather than the exception!
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~ by devildog6771 on October 11, 2005.

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