How to Email to Extreme Makeover for Soldier who lost everything

In case anyone is interested in emailing this soldier’s story to Extreme Makeover as a potential source of help I looked up Extreme Makeover, went to the Official web site. At the bottom of the page is an FAQ link. There I found their email address[netaudr(at)].

I sent them the following email:

“Dear Sir;

There is a soldier in Mississippi who has been in the Military for 15 years. In that time he has served three combat deployments in the Middle East,. The 3rd one was in Iraq.

He is married with a child. He just bought his first home. But Katrina destroyed his home and he lost everything else he owned but his wife, baby, and the clothes in their backs. His wife and baby have to stay somewhere else while he is still in Mississippi helping out others and trying to find a place to live. That will be very hard though.

You see the insurance company denied his claims. All he got reimbursed was $200.00 for groceries. He is still responsible for a mortgage for a home he no longer has. A bunch of us mil bloggers and mil blogger supporters who support our troops anyway we can found out about a web his mom put up to try to get donations of $1.00 from people who were willing to help. That is the URL in the subject line.

I am emailing you because someone suggested maybe you guys could help or direct the family to someone who can help. Our Military families do so much for our country. They put their life on the line. As a veteran myself, I know how hard it is to buy a home on military pay. Please consider helping this soldier and his family. All the contact information you need is at the mom’s web at

Thank you for your time and consideration on his behalf,”

So I thought maybe someone else might be interested. Maybe if we send enough emails without spamming them, they can help. Don’t forget to send your donation. The web site his mom set up has all the details. What I like about her site is any left over money will go to any other soldier who needs help in the Mississippi region. It would be nice to have such a site for each of the affected states for the soldiers.

I know the Red Cross, etc. helps the people in the region but they often have a lot of red tape and take forever. Their administrative fees also use up quite a bit of the donation money. Besides this soldier and all those soldiers are “one of us!” The military families have always helped their own!!


~ by devildog6771 on October 10, 2005.

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