Gays, Free Speech, Religion??

CJ had an interesting article about something that has recently come up in the military. We all know about the “No tell” clause the Military has for gays. Well, if I understood the issue correctly, some Gays are using their gay orientation to avoid deployment. The military on the other hand has decided that they will be deployed then the “Gay matter” will be taken up when they come home! Those guys hurt all other gays.

If a man or woman fights for his or her country, what matter is there to work out later. If at the end of deployment discharge is the option by either the soldier or the military, if that soldier has performed honorably during combat and their service to that time, then that is the discharge they deserve, Any thing less is unacceptable!

First off, gays are considered a security risk. That is only because they can’t admit to being Gay. If the regulation was changed, then they would not be open to blackmail. Then, there is a myth or stereo type that gays, especially men mess with kids. That is false. Gays do not harm our kids in any higher numbers than heterosexuals. If a gay were to find you attractive, unless they were the flamboyantly feminine type you probably wouldn’t know it. And, if the regulation was done away with I am sure there would be many more men and women enlisting for military service.

If a gay person approached a non gay, respectfully, because they were unsure if “you” were gay, why not simply do what you would do when a heterosexual approaches? Give a yeah or nay! This is not a foreign concept to gays. Certainly they are no threat to any of our soldiers manliness unless that soldier has a problem with their own orientation and can’t accept it.

I frankly don’t consider it an illness. I never met a “cured” gay. We all as adolescence go through a stage where there is an attraction to the same sex, whether we realize it or not. That is a developmental stage. But most gays feel inside about their persuasion the same way heterosexuals feel inside about theirs. The only difference is heterosexuals don’t have to live a life where they are made to be ashamed of themselves all their life.

If you can do the job, you deserve the rewards. It is absurd to let them risk their life then handle it later unless they are using their sexual orientation to prevent deployment. If they serve honorably, then that’s what they deserve. Not too long ago in my life time, people thought Blacks had lower IQ’s. Then again not so long ago people thought women incapable of doing the same job as a man in some areas so women weren’t allowed to do those jobs at all. In other jobs where the women did equal work they were paid less. Not so long ago Americans thought women should never be allowed in combat, it would disrupt morale, they’d turn tail and run, they’d get upset if they broke a nail, well you get the picture. I believe there has been one woman, already, who earned the MOH and many who won Purple Hearts for real combat related injuries, and the Bronze and Silver Star.

Maybe in America we ought to not worry so much about our prejudices and just put them aside and give people a chance to just be people!! That philosophy is more in fitting with our Constitution. Being gay isn’t contagious. Prejudice isn’t contagious either; but, it is rampant and it does seem to pick up a momentum of its own.

I am too old now to worry about issues like a person’s religion, sexual preference, and such. I tend to look more at how others treat me and other people. Do they show respect? Do they work hard? Do they support our country. I especially love that expression in the Bible that says, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” While terrorists are at our back door trying to destroy us and socialists are in our “house” trying to destroy us from within, sexual orientation is an insignificant issue.

I also worry more about those in America who are “very religious” who ostracize others because they feel all Christians must believe the same. I may be wrong but I think that was one of the biggest reasons why we came to America in the first place. John Kennedy was a great president though he was flawed as we all are in the character area. His faith never kept him from doing his job any more than the President’s deep faith dictates his job. But still Catholicism becomes an issue innevery political race where one is a Catholic.

Both men’s faith affected their character and molded them into the men they became. Extremism of any kind inhibits the rights of others. We have home grown extremists in America just as deadly as Al Qaida. They just haven’t had the opportunity to be a real threat to our government and our rights. One would be foolish if they believed for a moment they wouldn’t do just that if allowed to get out of hand.

I once asked why Nazis were allowed to live in America? Why are they allowed to have parades and pass out their propaganda? I was told if you deny the rights of one group, then next time it may be your rights denied. That they have a right to what they are doing and believe as long as they don’t break any laws! In America right now we have a problem perpetrated by the ACLU and upheld by the courts. I think it is much more important than what we do in our bedroom and who we do it with! The separation of Church and state is being used to foster religious discrimination.

Frankly I hate everything the Nazis stand for, but if they are denied their rights, next time I may lose my rights. If an atheists doesn’t believe in God they don’t have to practice religion in the Christian form or whatever. I say that because as far as I am concerned, atheism is a religion. But preventing me or mine from practicing mine only in the privacy of my home while an atheists right are publicly allowed is also discrimination and a violation of my religious freedom.

When the Constitution was written to guarantee our right for freedom of religion, I don’t think it says in it any where that we all have to like each others religion. Part of what makes our Constitution such a great document is it prescribes that we be allowed to live side by side with our differences and not lose our “equal” rights.

But equal rights doesn’t mean that if there’s eight Baptists there have to be eight Catholics or the group of fewer people gets special rules like telling the Catholic they can’t display the Crucifix because there are more of them any more than it says an atheist had more rights and rules in their favor because there are fewer of them. The law only says that both have the right to their beliefs, no more, no less.

As far as I am concerned, the Constitution only allows them, the atheist the right to practice non belief in God, the Nazi the right to free speech but not the right to quiet me because I believe in Democracy because it offends either of them and not the right to prevent my public display of belief in God. If God is removed from all public display because atheists don’t believe in God isn’t that the same thing as not allowing me to talk publicly about Democracy because the Nazis are offended by what I am saying?

I think the ACLU ought to represent me and all those who believe in God because I am being forced to participate in Atheism. I say this because the Atheist suits have all been based on being offended by what is seen or heard with respect to God. They are not forced to pray, read the Bible, or go to Church.

Sometime back kids were given the choice by law to say a prayer, say nothing, meditate, or for that matter close their mind off to everything at those times a prayer might normally have been said. But now we can’t pray at football games, can’t have a Nativity at public places, and who knows what else. Well, I want my nativity back. If atheists want to display something beside it that demonstrates their lack of belief in God, more power to them.

Oh well, I am sure there will be a lot of people who will blast me for this posting. I don’t care. 


~ by devildog6771 on October 10, 2005.

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