Terror Alert issued for New York – Is it for real or will they hit another city?

A security alert was issued for New York because of a suspected plot to leave remotely activated bombs in suitcases and baby carriages in the subway. In Iraq our Intel people acted on a tip they were given last month and as a result arrested three terrorists in Iraq. Our Homeland Security people issued their alert, as did the Mayor of New York while all our various agencies at home continue to follow up on leads that indicate this was and is a serious threat. Authorities believe the arrest of two of the three suspected bombers may have broken up the plot. However our officials atl00r  all levels are treating this still as a very real and continuing threat.I was really comforted by the way our Military in Iraq and our authorities at home handled this plot. But I am very concerned about the reaction of the people in New York and across the nation. The alert status due to the War on Terror stays at Yellow elevated all the time. As threats are encountered the alerts are elevated as necessary. These alerts come so often and either they are hoaxes or thwarted because they are revealed, we have become complacent. We are used to the up and down alert levels without any proof we can visually look at ourselves. We forget that just because the attacks haven’t occurred, doesn’t mean that the threats weren’t real.

I think that this is exactly what the terrorists want to happen. They were so accustomed in the past to our lack of response or half hearted responses that when they attacked us on 9/11 they didn’t expect a real return attack. After all, what country would we retaliate against. None of these terrorists had a “home country” any more. They were all unwelcome in their own home country.

In the past, we never really responded except for our pitiful Somalian effort.[their words, not mine] We always “negotiated or went to the U.N. except in Kuwait. and those few retaliatory bombings in Iraq against nondescript targets. All of these measures are and were signs of weakness to the terrorists. The U.N. is a joke. As long as France and Russia have so much to lose, they will not vote at the U.N. to do the right thing. Added to that are the scandals that have corrupted the U.N. and made it powerless to perform its duty as dictated by charter.

When we attacked their strongholds and training camps in Afghanistan and Iraq I believe that we did what they wanted us to do. I also believe they committed a grave error in judgement. They under estimated their enemy. They became over confident. They expected the same results they got in Somalia. What they over looked is the fact that we were restricted in our response in Somalia. We also were a part of the U.N. forces.

Now we must be careful not to make the same mistake, not in the Middle East but at home. I think they want to make us grow complacent. I don’t think they will take as long between major attacks here at home as they have in the past. We have dealt them a blow that doesn’t allow them that luxury. They under estimated the abilities of our Armed Forces! Now, they have adapted or at least they are trying to do so. They have learned the power of the media. They will continue to try to wear down our spirit for the war. They will continue to allow us to grow more and more complacent at home.

Then when we least expect it they will again hit us here, in America. They have no choice. They need a “big” boost to their dwindling support. They need a big move to boost their efforts before their whole network starts to crumble. The one single event that would most do that is an attack here. Something never done before, two major attacks within the continental boundaries of America by the same enemy.

Remember, Osama bin Laden said some time back, “We have defeated the Russians. If we can defeat America too we can defeat anyone!” or words to that effect. We are at the core of everything Osama bin Laden and the terrorists want to accomplish, a worldwide Muslim Nation. He also wants to restore the Caliphate. We are not dealing with rational people here. But, they are not crazy. They are fanatical which is worse.


~ by devildog6771 on October 9, 2005.

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