Taylor Marie Behl’s Body Found

Seventeen year old Taylor Behl was a bright young college freshman at VCU. She was a hard working student and well liked by her peers. Last month she told her friends she was going out for a while. When she left she had her identification, less than forty dollars and the clothes on her back.

For over a month, parents of other young girls at VCU have lived with the fear that their child might be next. Guiltily, I am sure, many hoped this was an isolated incident. Every time their daughters went out, they were cautioned about making sure their friends knew where they were going, who they were with, and when they would return!

The students at the college made fliers and posted them around the campus and community. Campus Police, Richmond City police, and later the FBI all searched diligently for Taylor. As hours turned into the days, days turned into weeks, then a month, everyone began to lose hope Taylor would be found alive. Along with that diminishing hope, the under lying fear was there that this could still be more than an isolated incident. These type crimes may initially have a single victim. But, in reality, they victimize the entire community by their heinous nature!

A local, unemployed photographer, was arrested on pornography charges. There were rampant rumors he was involved in Taylor’s death. Upon questioning about Taylor, he admitted he knew Taylor and had a sexual relationship with her. He further admitted to police, he had last seen Taylor at about 9:30 the night she disappeared. That was the last time anyone saw Taylor alive if he wasn’t lying! He was in his mid thirties. Taylor was seventeen.

A sharp Campus police officer started asking questions about some of the pictures on the photographer’s website. One of his old girl friends identified one scene as being on some property her family owned. The officials went to that location and conducted a search. They found Taylor’s body.

Taylor was found Wednesday night in a shallow grave in Mathews, Virginia. Her body was identified by her dental records. State police, FBI investigators, and Forensic experts will now try to determine the cause of her death. They will also hopefully gather enough information to bring her murderer[s] to trial. I agree with her mother. I hope the killer[s] get the death penalty!

I, for one, would like to think this was an isolated incident. But sadly that is not the case. More and more young girls are kidnapped, raped and murdered. Young college students at the University of Virgina have lived with the daily fear they will be the latest victim of a serial rapist for over a year. The same day Taylor was found, a young woman in Pennsylvania was found in a garbage dump. Her boyfriend is charged with strangling her to death and dumping her body in the dump. His earlier confession was later retracted by him in a press interview.

Across the country these sexual predators and violent men are killing our children. Young girls are not their only victim. Many have been young boys. Many perpetrators have been pedophiles. Others have been sexual predators. Many are simply violent men who can’t seem to find some other way to vent their rage except to beat or kill women and children. Often times the deaths are drug related. Either some guy is high or drugs or he has a drug debt and the dealer is making a statement to his other clients.

Irregardless of the profile, too many women and children are being killed or other wise victimized by violent men. But, now there have even been incidents of women as perpetrators. But, by far the greater numbers have been men!

I can’t understand all this. I can think of no acceptable reason for men to commit such violent atrocities against our women and children. Every day new laws go into effect to protect our women and children. But most of the time these laws hurt innocent fathers and men more than they help the plight of our women and children they were designed to protect. The laws are poorly written and have many loopholes that are exploited by lawyers and women who will do anything to get their children in divorce cases, even lie and use these laws to win their cases.

Congress can initiate a committee for every political arena you can think of to prevent the incumbent party from performing their elected duty. Yet Congress can’t seem to set up committees to work on these ever increasing violent social issues that lead to the death and maiming of our women and children. Even when committees are formed, political bickering and partisan politics make these committees ineffective. Often when laws are passed, the victims or their families are the ones who do the leg work.

These victims and their families collect information, call sponsors, raise public awareness, court political figures, and tirelessly do everything they can to make a difference. Often their efforts take years, ruin their marriages, and go nowhere. Other times they pay off. Probably one of the most successful people in this area I can think of is John Walsh.

After his son, Adam, was kidnapped and brutally murdered, he became an activists against crime. His program, America’s Most Wanted is so highly respected and successful, that when law enforcement Officials and the public found out the show might be canceled, they managed to convince the network not to cancel the show.

But not all victims and families of victims are able to do what John Walsh did. Often times they are so traumatized their lives are forever ruined and shattered. There has to be some way to do something about these perpetrators! We need better, more effective laws that do what they are intended to do. Not ineffective laws or laws that hurt the innocent and guilty. I appeal to Congress and all our elected officials to get involved in the solution. Establish a national task force. Study these horrific crimes. Pass good legislation. Try to begin to remember why you were elected! Do your jobs for a change. Represent the citizens who elected you instead of all the special interest groups you cater to or the party you represent. After all, where would the “party” be if the people stopped supporting it.

We need to start putting more funds into the education and health of our children. We need to improve the quality of Mental Health available for our kids. When a society neglects its kids to the point that it winds up treating them as adults and giving them adult sentences for abhorrent crimes, that society is in trouble. How many kids do you know who are raised in homes where one or both parents are drug abusers or alcoholics. How many kids are battered or otherwise abused? Do you realize that if one parent batters the other parent that those kids are also abused?

We talk about family values, morality, religion, and a whole lot of other issues in our society. But I have noticed that lately it appears these efforts aimed at awareness are directed more at
my way or the highway” instead of “this is my way, teach me about yours.” We are surrounded by extremism on all sides. But who represents mainstream America?

Our news is censored by the very same industry of people who say they fight and refuse to give up their first amendment rights. But besides being a business, isn’t news about providing information to the people in America? So why do our spokes persons censor us? Has the media forgotten the struggles to keep censorship at bay? Has the media forgotten who pays for their right to free speech and press with their very lives?

There is so much good about this country. But, special interests or personal agendas by those we elect to our Congress and those we read in the media would seem to be trying to take away those things we enjoy. Groups like the ACLU that were once champions of the common man, now work to take away the rights of the common man or woman. In America today we have Al Qaeda sleeper cells, white supremacists, socialists, and Neo-Nazis who have learned how to make our political system work for them. They are using our laws to tear apart the very fundamental rights and freedoms we have all enjoyed for so long. If the “silent, sleeping” majority doesn’t wake up soon, the form of government and freedoms we are trying so hard to help others who are less fortunate than us enjoy so we can start to live in a world of peace will be stripped away.

Give me your tired, your weak, doesn’t mean you can come to America and set up the very type of government you ran away from. It also doesnt mean we should let you come here and use our laws to tear down our way of life.

Maybe the greatest tribute we can give Taylor Behl and her family is to find ways to sincerely and honestly deal with these problems. Pass laws to safeguard our women and children. Provide better educational and health care needs for “all” our kids. Wake up mainstream America! Force the media to stop practicing information censorship. Force agencies like the ACLU to return to representing the common man or woman without destroying the rights of others. Hold Congress accountable for failure to do its duly elected job. Refuse to let Socialists who are now trying desperately to take over the Democratic party destroy our two party system and our democracy.

I know that I have talked about a lot of issues that on the surface have no bearing on the abduction and murder of Taylor Behl. But personally, I think all these things are inter twined. They all have cause and effect ramifications. They each are like a Domino in the American way of life. The domino can fall either way. One way destroys all we hold dear. The other way keeps our country the strong great nation that it is. Which way will you push that domino?


~ by devildog6771 on October 7, 2005.

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