“Deuce Four” and a little Iraqi girl named Rhma

Michael Yon has written another great story about one of our units in Iraq. Deuce Four is getting ready to come home, finally! Since they went to Iraq, they have conducted themselves with bravery and distinction. Some of the fiercest battles fought in Iraq were fought by this unit. When they come home, there will be empty seats that were once occupied by their fallen comrades. All the way home they will have to stare at those empty seats and be reminded of their loss.

However, if you read Michael’s story about this amazing bunch of soldiers, you will see that they are more than soldiers in the traditional sense. They also did many things to help the Iraqi people. They built schools, collected school supplies, distributed food and other supplies needed for every day needs of the Iraqi people, and helped to build up a true friendship and alliance between our two worlds.

When Iraqi citizens were sick or injured Deuce Four helped them get medical care. That’s where this story begins. When Deuce Four found out that a little girl in Iraq, Rhma, needed specialized medical care for a critical illness, Deuce Four decided to try to help her. They diligently worked at arrangements to have her brought to the United States. They even managed to some how gather the money to help pay the way for Rhma and her family and pay for a place to live. They fought many battles to make all this happen. But they wouldn’t give up.

Go on over to Michael’s Blog and read his latest article which he wrote about Deuce Four called “Operation Rhma: Final Mission.” Then help pass the word. Let’s let people know all the good our troops are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those of us who have been supporting the troops and reading their blogs know this is but one of many such stories of how our troops go above and beyond the call to offer assistance and aid to both peoples, especially the children! Strange activities indeed for “occupiers!”

While we are again going to be subjected to more Abu Ghrab pictures for a crime now being dealt with in the courts, old news but inflammatory to the enemy and aiding their “PR” campaign, stories like this go unnoticed. WHY???


~ by devildog6771 on September 29, 2005.

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