An American Tragedy

Two days ago, two young, teenage sisters went to help a friend whose car broke down. It was 1:00 a.m.. They picked up their friend and as they were traveling one direction, a drunk, illegal alien, traveling 110 mph, jumped the median strip and hit their car head on. The sisters died instantly [?] and their friend is now off life support in critical condition. She’s been in and out of a coma. The drunk so far has been charged with DUI. [?]

Last month another teen was killed. This teen too was hit by a drunk driver. Every year we lose thousands to drunk drivers. The ones not lost to drunk drivers are lost to people high on drugs. I fear we don’t need to worry about a foreign enemy killing us all off. Our young are being killed off by those who consume alcohol or drugs, or both. Many are “using” themselves!

Want to guess where a large portion of our drugs come from? Much of it comes from the Middle East. It also comes from other terrorists strong holds. They sell their drugs here to finance their activities and help destroy our infra structure. We Americans in turn aid their cause every time we buy or use their drugs.

In my neighbor hood alone, we have one drug dealer at all times. Sometimes we have several. One sells pot and crack. One sells heroin. Then there is the date rape drug and Ecstasy! The cops bust them and before the word gets around, another dealer takes their place.

Many of the young people in my neighborhood think the dealer is so cool and a friend. What I can’t understand is why they can’t see him for what he is, a predator! Once they are hooked on drugs he controls their lives. If they can’t pay, he has them hooking for him.

Recently a neighbor’s daughter went to the emergency room with a high fever. She had strep and “4” different venereal diseases. They also thought she had aids. Fortunately, she doesn’t. Her three friends were also sick. I am sure they must have what she does. While her Mother was in the hospital for prescription drug addiction, the four partied with the drug dealer. They had a weekend drug and sex party.

She is also 3 months pregnant. I can’t imagine what the baby’s life wil be like. One can only guess if it will be a “crack” baby!


~ by devildog6771 on September 26, 2005.

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