New meaning to disgust – Dead American Soldier’s Photos are being used in the German Political Race!!

German Campaign PosterGerman Campaign Poster
I recently found a little thing called TTLB and Ecosystem that shows ranking of blogs. I thought this might be a good way to see how my blog is doing. I also figured it would also give some names of some potentially new blog sources to read to help me keep up with current happenings.

Today I got a new rating, “Insignificant Microbe” was changed to “Flappy Bird.” When I went to the site to see what that meant I found a list of top postings. I was reading these stories and found the most offensive story I have ever encountered.

A blogger there had a story about A German senior minister for Gerhard Schroeder is using a picture of our Dead American Soldiers on one of his campaign posters!!!

Davids Medienkritik carried the story. He has a links where you can send emails to protest the grotesque usage of the photos of our dead soldiers. I sent my email asking for this poster to be trashed.

I am of German descent. My great grandfather and grandfather on my mother’s side are German. I am ashamed of that heritage if this is the kind of thing that heritage represents. Of course I realize not all Germans are this insensitive. But this type of image does nothing to represent the German people in good standing. It is hard enough to live with the fact that the only “two’ world wars were started by Germany. Do Germans and those of German descent now have to live with the stain of using Dead Soldiers for political gain?

Any candidate who must rely on such tactics to win votes cannot have much of a platform. Even if this candidate is ashamed of the past war record in Germany, he is using a poor “shock” image to gather votes. As far as I am concerned had he used a picture of the concentration camps he couldn’t have shown poorer taste.

Minister Rolf Schwanitz, please stop using this picture!!??

~ by devildog6771 on September 18, 2005.

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