Highlights of Chrenkoff

Chrenkoff has posted his last time. In trying to think of an appropriate send off I could think of no finer one than a highlight of his postings. Arthur began his blog with this first posting, “Let the “Chrenkin’ off” begin,” with this introduction:

Welcome to the Chrenkoff Blog. After years of inflicting my opinions on long-suffering family and friends, first face to face, and then increasingly via email, I decided it was time enough to join the revolution. So stay tuned for unashamedly biased opinion, commentary, late-night musings – pure unadulterated 100% “Chrenkin’ off” about politics, international relations, culture and whatever else takes my fancy – always from the Right side.

From the very beginning, Chrenkoff has fascinated us with his own unique style. The first week he wrote about “The Passion” by Mel Gibson. He gave what I believe to be a very honest summary of the “human” spectacle as he related their various responses to this great movie.

He made several on target shots at those people and nations who failed to realize you cannot appease the Islamic extremists now any more than in years before Europe could appease Hitler. In “From Munich to Madrid in 10 easy concessions,” he says:

Churchill once said that appeasement is like continually feeding an alligator in the hope that it will eat you last. But that’s not quite right. What Europe is doing today is feeding the alligator in the hope that it will not eat them at all.” He goes on to talk about how Europe dealt with Hitler so unsuccessfully and how today the Europeans seem to have learned nothing from that earlier time.

He continues his point with “When I was six I wanted to be an astronaut…,” where he talks about how he wanted to be an Astronaut when he was 6 but a South African 6 year old wore a suicide bomber belt at a protest rally and wants to be a “martyr” to the great pride of his father.

In “Weekend reading,” he discusses an article by Professor Fouad Ajami about how Europe is handling the Islamic Extremism in Europe and whether or not it is working. About Professor Ajami he says he is “ one of the most insightful commentators on Islam and Arab world.

Then he takes us to “Iraq one year on” where he gives us news and perspectives missing in most all conventional news sources that seem fixated with the negative news: “ To get the good news out of Iraq you have to ferret around the net a bit. But it’s all there, crying out for attention. I won’t bore you with a litany of good news, but here’s just a selection of interesting facts about the new Iraq that you might have missed if you are relying on the major networks and newspapers for your news..

In the War on Terror, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom, Chrenkoff made a point of researching and providing his readers with not just the negative but the very positive aspects and outcomes of the war. He wrote series of articles called, “Good news from Iraq,” “Good news from Afghanistan,” “Good news from the Islamic world,” and “Euro news round-up,” in which he invested a great deal of research and time to bring readers the full story from all these regions. Often his was the only positive news we read. Sometimes it was the only news.

As I close, I think it appropriate to let Chrenkoff, tell us goodbye:

“I’m signing off, but the war goes on. I rejoice in the scope and quality of the blogosphere that is able to provide you with so many alternatives to my blog. I’m sure you’ll enjoy much good reading in the future. My thoughts will remain with all those on the frontlines of the struggle for freedom and democracy.

So, thanks again, God bless, and keep in touch.”

Please go to his blog and wish him well. I will miss his blog. So many really good bloggers have left us. Some said goodbye first, some were milbloggers killed in action, others just simply faded away leaving us with our memories and an omnipresent feeling of unexplained loss. But they all had their own unique style and impact. Now Chrenkoff has joined those hallowed halls of departed bloggers. I wish him well. God Bless. Goodbye Arthur!
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