I Want to be the Mayor of New Orleans!

Dear Ms. Governor,

My name is Akmar Obl. I recently moved to the United States from Afghanistan. As you know America recently helped over throw the Taliban and Al-Qaida there and now there is a new Democratic Government. However, things in my region got to be a little too hot because of the American troops and their search for terrorists, I decided to leave the country and immigrate to America, too dangerous for me!

I have learned a lot about Democracy in Afghanistan. I like the way all citizens can vote and participate. Then I recently saw where Arnold was elected Governor of California. I hear every children in America can be President one day. Then I see where some people want to change the law so Arnold can be President. I read this and I say to myself, Akmar, this is the country for me. A land of opportunity for everyone.

I originally wanted to move to Dallas. But I read everyday about the Hurricane, Fratina, in the city of New Orleans. I say to myself, Akmar , you can help these people. You have many construction skills, have run own business, and are great leader of men before the war.

Then I see where the Mayor of New Orleans moved to Houston to a new house. I decided with all my special skills I can be a mayor. Why not? I run company of hundreds of men. I build roads and move mountains before. I have perfect skills for job of fixing new city of New Orleans. I even have good plan in head how to rebuild city and solve problem for floods. Build whole city underground in tunnels. City no flood, because water can’t find city. I am very good tunnel builder. I even build hospitals in tunnels.

I have good experience in dealing with violence, so I can easily get city under control. In no time, no fighting, city rebuilt better than before, no more worry about floods.

Another reasons I want to move to New Orleans is good port access. I like a place to live where can have many different ways to access city. It never good to only rely on one way to travel around. It is bad for business, bad for times of danger.

If you don’t think people like city in tunnels, even though would be very beautiful tunnels, I can build good walls to keep out water. I have experience here too. I build many strong walls all over Middle East. I am also good fund raiser. I see American newspaper and news stations good source to send messages to the people. They always know everything. I know how to use the news people to get out my message. I know I can use them for my goal in my new job!

I respectfully wait for your reply. I am living in some abandon tents and trailers in Crawford, Texas. I tried to buy Mr. Bush’s ranch but he say it not for sale. So I see these trailers outside his ranch and no one is living in them. They very nice new trailers and tents too! Plenty room for me and my wife and 54 kids. People here very nice to me and my family. Only schools don’t have teachers speaking Arabic. If I am Mayor in New Orleans I will make sure everyone can speak Arabic. How you say it, multicultural life, I really like that idea. Anyway, If you send my mail to:

Akmar Obl, trailer by road to Mr. Bush house, I know mailman can find my trailer. It is only one in whole area. Thank you for everything, Akmar Obl.


~ by devildog6771 on September 13, 2005.

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