Senator Collins and Leahy step up

Republican Senator Collins and Democratic Senator Lieberman have decided to take the bull by the horns, so to speak. Senator Collins gave an exceptional speech about the investigation their over site committee wants to initiate. She said the committee wants to determine where the problems lay in the coordination of efforts between the Department of Homeland Security, State, and Local governments Officials as they dealt with the hurricane devastation in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Senator Collins made a point of saying the focus of the investigation must be a non-partisan effort that determines what was done right and what needs to be changed. She was deeply disturbed that there was so little co-ordination of efforts after all that was done after 9/11 to handle natural disasters and terrorists attacks. She repeatedly insisted that their must not be a political mud slinging battle, that all efforts must be to determine solutions not blame. She gave a very good run down of everything the committee must look into in order to prevent such failure again in the future.

To his credit, Senator Lieberman gave resounding praise of Senator Collin’s remarks. He seemed genuinely shocked at the system failure in handling this natural disaster. For a change he did not make a single partisan remark. He said he agreed with Senator Collins’ goals completely. He felt the committee must take an honest look at the problems that arose between the different agencies and departments and fix those problems and improve on what worked.

I was very impressed at the genuine signs of shock that both Senators displayed as they talked about the committee’s goals. I was also shocked at their total agreement that all parties must work together to solve this problem without partisan politics entering into the probe.

Of course Senators Leahy and Kennedy were business as usual. They started off immediately throwing blame and inserting negative remarks. Neither offered a positive or constructive comment. They immediately attacked the Administration for what they saw as its failures. Neither seemed to have a clue that the problem lay at their own feet and the failure of Congress to work as a unit to solve our problems and fix them. Can they not see how much their continued partisan efforts are crippling the ability of Congress and the Administration to do their jobs?

Maybe it is time to clean out the dead wood in the halls of Congress!!

Thank you Senators Collins and Lieberman for finally voicing the truth of what must be done to fix this problem. Thank you both for finally realizing all members of Congress must work together without partisanship in order to fix this problem. Thank you for accepting blame for the Congressional failures that also led to this problem. You both give me hope that things will finally start to get done in Congress for a change.


~ by devildog6771 on September 6, 2005.

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