New Orleans

The Governor of Louisiana and Mayor of New Orleans clearly failed to implement their own rescue plans. They had at their ready disposal, over 240 school buses they could have used to begin to evacuate many of those stranded people.They could have forced those people out that refused to leave and set up huge tents, like the ones our troops use all the time, and set up tent cities in a safe zone. People in the area where these tents were set up would have helped as they are now. Those buses sit flooded in New Orleans except for one.

That one bus is in Houston. One lone heroic teenager commandeered that bus when the driver abandoned it and single handedly rescued all the people he could find. He then took those rescued people to Houston. He didn’t even know how to drive the bus. But he did it! Now he is facing charges for doing what should have been done by the local authorities. Even adult volunteers could have driven those buses! They ought to give that kid a medal for heroism instead of punishing him. He displayed uncommon valor and good sense when local authorities and adults in New Orleans seemed to be panicking!!

The use of those buses would have quelled a lot of the panic experienced and witnessed in New Orleans. I think the people would not have felt so desperate as they would have seen progress. It sure would have been easier to evacuate people from where ever they took the buses than what is happening now. Right now all those people still refusing to leave are endangering rescue workers lives.

What I want to know is why didn’t the Mayor and Governor forcefully remove those people who refused to leave, like they did in Florida last year? Allowing those people to refuse to leave and stay behind caused unnecessary loss of life. It is also causing extremely hazardous rescue operations to have to be conducted now when the focus could have been used in another manner. Man power that could be going into clean up and recovery is being diverted to rescue. Even now people are refusing to leave.

I wouldn’t want to lose my home either. But those things are just that, things. Life cannot be replaced. Death is final. Another thing, when they rebuild New Orleans, wouldn’t it be prudent to rebuild back some from the water line. Though thousands have died in this tragedy, aren’t they risking creating a potential for millions to die next time. Nostalgia and history are great things to want to hold onto; but, there comes a time when the risk to human life has to come first.

It sounds to me like those governmental leaders in New Orleans and the State Government have grossly under estimated the “collateral” damage involved in continuing to follow current city plans and canal development. How could these planners possibly decide that the “risk” of only building a category three levee system was justified when stacked up against the possibility of ever being hit by a category 4 or 5 storm due to cost factors? I find it hard to believe the cost in life, property, industry that will be incurred now made that collateral damage risk a wise decision.

But there is another consideration here that no one has touched. Maybe it isn’t politically correct. Maybe it violates some right the ACLU will try to protect in court. I don’t know. But no one has been willing to admit or accept that this was all an act of God. No amount of planning, no amount of finger pointing, no amount of aid locally or federally could have prevented an act of God.

We like to try to do so because it makes us feel secure. We like to try to put explanation to everything. But just as some live to their 80’s and 90’s, other die as children or young adults. We don’t know why. We can’t reason out why, no matter how much we try to do so! We can only pick ourselves up by our boot straps and go on or get dragged down by our feelings or sense of defeat. We can only accept that God has a reason for these tragedies.

Maybe these times are tests of our mettle. Maybe these times are reminders of our own mortality. Maybe they are reminders of our need to recapture the spirit our fore fathers displayed when they built this great nation. As a nation we have much division based on personal agendas. “Me and mine” have become more important than “ours!”. Maybe we all needed a reminder that we stand together or we fall together!

These are all things I think important to reflect on as we as a nation work to save lives in those Gulf states. These are things we need to think about as we try to clean up the region and begin rebuilding. This is not the time for a continued debate and road block at every turn due to partisan issues. I personally feel that had appointments in key government and military positions been approved in a timely manner, many responses would have been more prompt on a federal level. Right now many key positions are still run by temporary leaders who have not been confirmed due to constant Democratic debate or extremists who have crippled many of our governmental functions.

But, through it all, Mr. Bush has defended our country and dealt with many catastrophic events that would have broken the spirit of lesser nations. Instead of all the complaining and political garbage we keep having to listen to, I want to hear a better way or shut the hell up! If you don’t like the President’s decisions, then make a constructive criticism or keep it to yourself. Instead of bogging down every law or appointment in committees that are nothing more than political ploys, offer a better candidate or bill or do your job, approve the appointment or pass the law. Start doing the job you were elected to do or step aside and let others do their job.


~ by devildog6771 on September 6, 2005.

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