Politics, racists, Entertainers, and the MSM!!

It is a fact of life that few things are predictable However, politics, racists, the MSM, and our Entertainment Industry all seem to follow a predictable pattern no matter what is going on in the country. You can always count on the politicians to start their mud slinging, especially if those politicians have an up coming election and are on the losing end and struggling to regain their momentum. These self serving politicians have tons of criticism but never offer an acceptable alternative! Maybe that is why they are not the political party in power. They just can’t seem to come up with any constructive ideas to improve life in America!

Next we have our racists. They reduce everything to a matter of race. What often amazes me is that they have so much support from members of their own race when all they do is spread racist ideology; but, they don’t ever really improve the plight if their own race. What they do is improve their own political standing all the way to the bank off the plights of their own “people!”

The Entertainment Industry is beyond me! I can’t figure out if being a singer, actor, actress or whatever of popularity clouds the ability of their brains to use common sense or what? But even James Dean managed to keep his wits about him as the “the Rebel!” Personally I think the fruit cakes, anarchists, and socialists are in the minority and the rest of their industry just stay in the background. Even Sonny Bono managed to grow up and become a pretty good mayor. Unfortunately he liked to ski!

The MSM, what excuse can I offer for them? I can’t think of a single excuse for the media’s total lack of regard for decency, fair play, justice, and integrity. Since the devastation in the Hurricane Zone, they have continuously fueled the fears, anger, hopelessness, and despair of the victims. They have by insinuation blamed the government, the President, racists, politicians, and the National Guard for failure to respond quickly enough, failure to evacuate quickly enough, failure to maintain order, failure to restore services, failure, failure, and failure.

Well, not once have they blamed act of God as this surely was! Nor have they done anything helpful. With all their freedom of movement they could have showed how hard it would be to bring in enough buses to move out well over 60,000 people. Or how hard it is to pick up people one or two at a time by helicopter when there is no place to land. They could have shown how hard it is to bring in ships and load people on them when no small boats could be brought in to pick up people to transport them to the ships because it was unsafe for the small craft. They could also talk about the to rescue helicopters due to height restrictions, wind shear, and countless other things that can cause the rescue helicopter to crash if the pilot can’t stay focused. Nor did they mention how many buses it would take to move out so many people, where they would come from, and how they would get to the affected areas! Not once did any reporter mention how hard it was to rescue thousands of panicked people under ideal circumstances much less under the extreme conditions faced by rescue workers in that area right now!

What the media did do was call a member of the Guard in Iraq and discuss with him how he felt about fighting in Iraq while all this was going. The reporter also mentioned the fact that he was due to go home in eight days. How cruel and insensitive of that reporter. That man was in a combat zone for Gods sake. He needs to keep himself focused to stay alive so he can come home in eight days. All the troops who are from that region or have family in the region needs to do the same. Repeatedly the MSM has implied that if we weren’t in Iraq help would have arrived in the region sooner! I wonder if it has occurred to the media that if our troops were not in Iraq, the hurricane damage in the Gulf region would be the lest of our domestic worries? Why does the media refuse to accept its responsibility for aiding and abetting the enemy? How many times does the enemy have to say that their greatest resource for intelligence is the American media? Can an industry be charged with treason.? I was as upset and angered as anyone else, especially the Vietnam vets when “Jihad Jane” hit the vegetable oil trail to spread her treasonous propaganda again! But I think we have a bigger worry in this country and it isn’t the “Jihad Janes” in America. Presently the biggest threat to America is an MSM that wages its own brand of “jihad.” In America today the greatest threat is this “American Media jihad!”


~ by devildog6771 on September 3, 2005.

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