Help information for Katrina victims/How you can help

I have added a list of links in my sidebar for those who would like to help the flood victims of KATRINA. Americans are known for their generosity abroad. NOW LET’S SHOW OUR OWN HOW GENEROUS WE ARE! Please help anyway you can. No amount is too small. Please feel free to pass along this information. Thank A Soldier’s Perspective for the sidebar information. Also, CNN has further instructions, links, and important information.

May the Blessings of God and the Generosity of the American Public lift the Spirits of all those people who have lost loved one’s. We as a nation grieve with you!May that same American Spirit help those who need help and guide them through this trying time. With the help of God and the American SPIRIT we can do wonders. So please help anyway you can!

God Bless all the flood victims and God Bless America.

While we are adding our prayers and support, let us also remember that all those various military people responding to this time of tragedy have also been defending our nation. They will now be joining in our relief efforts in the flood affected regions. If you know any of these military people, please offer them a word of thanks. Please ask them if they could use a helping hand at home. I am sure they and their families are greatly stretched and stressed right now. So to all our wonderful military men and women, God Bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart! Where would we be without your great sacrifices?


~ by devildog6771 on August 31, 2005.

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