An American Tragedy

I have been drawn to the news about the tragedies in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Complete cities virtually under water. In some cases the water is 20-30 feet deep. In Many areas there is total loss. I have found my self watching and praying for these poor people.

And, I know this is really dumb, but all day long I have listened to hear if Bourbon Street has also been destroyed. With all the loss of property and life I can only say that Bourbon Street in my mind has become a marker for all that the area represents. Culture, history, economic, and scientific marvels, that area is at the heart of American history. Nature has done what wars and man’s inhumanities to each other was not able to do.

With all the progress in America, Bourbon street and the French Quarter are to me a look at an earlier time inter mingled with the progress of the present. A tribute to what the American spirit is capable of when it puts it mind to it! The Mardi Gras, Jazz, Louie Armstrong, the Super dome in another part of town, all are parts of a co-mingled past and present living in harmony!

It’s not that I don’t think the loss of life isn’t important, of course it is important. But these “things” were monuments to the struggles and accomplishments of the people in that area. Some were living testaments to a way of life. Here is the beginning of my post.


~ by devildog6771 on August 30, 2005.

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