Dear Dallas School Board:

I am a immigrant from Afghanistan. I want to live in Dallas. I would like a list of your best schools so I can decide where to live based on the school I select for my children. I have a lot of children. I have 55 at last count. It is just so hard to keep up with the numbers! I think education is very important. I also expect that you will have a staff fully fluent in Arabic. After all, I am sure you agree that it is important for me and my wife to be able to communicate with the school staff.

I also need to make sure there is a mosque close by for us to continue our faith. By the way do you have any of those paint ball “clubs” in Dallas like they have in Virginia? I am very interested in nature and outdoor activities.

In my country I am a big caving fan and I enjoy target practice. I know Texans are rough outdoors types. I used to be in construction before the war. It was a profitable job. But, I do so enjoy my outdoor activities. I also enjoy working with computers as a hobby and I am an amateur movie maker. I have actually made a few that weren’t too bad. They were mostly desert scenes and some from my caving trips. Mostly though, I enjoy hunting.

So I am looking for a nice school but I’d also like to move to an area where I can have one of those American style ranches. You know the type, like your president, George Bush? Now I would really like to have a ranch like that. Money is not a problem! Is Dallas very far from those types of areas? Because of the war I have had to give up a lot of my hobbies. Mostly now I just do caving. But, I do so miss my desert hobbies.

My wife and kids are used to growing our own food. So we could really use a pretty big ranch. I will be waiting for your response. I really do need to move soon. Things have become quite bad here right now.

I shall be waiting for your response.

Thank you,

Akmar Obl

[My email address is :]


~ by devildog6771 on August 26, 2005.

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