Best Political Play of the Past Year?

The Iraqi Government has have decided to go ahead and ratify the new Constitution. What remains to be seen is whether or not they did so too late?A few posts back I said that the Sunni could very possibly kill the whole process if they wanted to do so. Personally I think that has been their goal all along.

If you have been following the news at home and abroad, the Sunni have been trying to rally their voters. The clerics have even gone so far as to say it is a religious duty to vote. As the first deadline approached and was extended, the appeal for voter turnout has intensified among the Sunni. Now we are past the second and third deadlines and the only thing for sure until today was that Sunni were not really going to compromise or sign the Constitution

As I said the other day, it appears the Sunni are playing with the government. They are going to continue their voter registration campaign until the new Constitution comes before the whole country for their approval. Then with all their efforts to get their camp registered they will make sure at least three provinces don’t ratify the new Constitution.

You see, that is all that is needed to make the new Constitution no good and force the entire process to start all over again. The former regime members and Sunni don’t care what happens in Iraq if they are not in charge. They are determined to return to power by any means necessary. Saddam Hussein is still issuing statements to his old Ba’athists using the ICRC as his messenger service.

But I have noticed that the rest of the country, the Shia and Kurds, are also beefing up registration efforts. It appears that the two thirds majority has more backbone than the one third Sunni figured. They went ahead without the Sunni and ratified the Constitution.

The Sunni say the issue is primarily about “federalism.” The Sunni don’t want it, the Shia and Kurds do! The Sunni use the excuse that federalism will allow Iraq to split apart. That is not true of course. But the Sunni intend to leave no stone unturned as they try to regain their foothold in Iraq.

I don’t think the Sunni expected the Constitution to be ratified by the two thirds majority. But they did make attempts to draw in International support to derail the signing now by the majority. That failed. But, at least the two thirds majority finally realized they were being dragged along and signed the Constitution.

So was it the biggest political play of the year in Iraq or did they wait too long and give the Sunni the time they needed to rally “their” voters? I think it can go either way. However, I also think the majority may have made a few more friends because they showed by action that they were honestly trying to bring in “all” Iraqi, including the Sunni. We will just have to wait and see how this plays out.

~ by devildog6771 on August 25, 2005.

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