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When I was a kid I went through a phase where I was afraid of the dark. But my mom and dad would do all those things parents do to help their kids get over that fear! Now I am afraid of many other more real things; and, mom and dad can’t make them go away or things better. Now I must make things better for them, and my own kids.

As I read the blogs of our troops and those of Iraqi citizens I am deeply troubled by the one sided reporting of our MSM. Just today alone the MSM covered the events surrounding Mrs. Sheehan camped out at Crawford, Texas at the President’s ranch. They have said little about Mrs. Sheehan’s political activism since before her son was killed. Nor have they said much about her activism since her son’s death.

There was a poll about whether or not people in America would like to see Bill Clinton back in the White House. Unfortunately they did not discuss Sandy Berger and his stealing of documents and destroying said documents that proved during the Clinton administration, one year before 9/11, there was intelligence that an attack was eminent and they even had four names.

No mention was made about the money spent and lives lost in Central Asia during the Clinton administration. What about all the Embassy bombings which killed Americans? Did negotiations stop those embassy bombings? Heck no!

I am disturbed that not once has a report been aired by the MSM about all the progress made in Iraq in all areas of Iraqi lives in those majority of provinces where there is little fighting. The MSM would have us all believe that all of Iraq is like those few areas where Saddam’s followers and the Al-Quaeda are determined to prevent the Iraqi people from enjoying a free country.

On occasions where reporters could have made the journey Michael Yon made to see for themselves first hand what is going on in all of Iraq, the reporters backed out at the last minute out of fear of riding around in a Humvee with the main CSM.

Why is the media so afraid to print the truth, the whole truth? I find it hard to believe that it is because all reporters are supporters of the Democrats.

I think the problem has many sources. I think the main source is of the problem is the internet. The Internet is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It is instantaneous. What I know you know at the same moment if we are on the Net. So how do networks compete and stay “alive?” Apparently they cater to the “squeaky wheel” philosophy! Since the off center, radical or extreme groups of Americans are the most vocal, they gear their news to that market.

So how does one go about raising the involvement of the majority of Americans in the daily happenings of our country? What will it take to get this majority involved? What will it take it get them to voice displeasure over the one sided reporting of the MSM?

Frankly, I don’t think the majority of Americans really know what is not being reported. The only way for Americans to learn the truth is for the troops themselves who blog, their families, those of us who go to their blogs to start speaking out. We need to demand that the news print the whole story.

When “unidentified sources” release information that violates our national security, we need to hold these people accountable. We can only do this if the majority stops remaining complacent. We don’t want to stop legitimate “whistle blowing” when it is needed. But there is a fine line that even the rights under the first amendment should not cross when it comes to the safety and welfare of our country.

I think we are spoiled in America. We have forgotten how hard our forefathers struggled to get where we are today. We complain about high gasoline prices when we still pay far less than the rest of the world who depend on foreign oil. We complain on rising house costs and food prices when the majority of the world is poor. We complain when our Social Security appears to be in jeopardy when in most countries, just having a job period of any kind would be welcome. Our country is in the middle of a major job crisis due to out sourcing. However, we did not complain when this all started and our companies went over seas and set up shop, paid those foreign workers sub standard salaries with few if any benefits, while we bought these cheaper products. Nor did we complain about that fact that many of those foreign plants were filled with child labor until we were forced to look at that problem.

Our industries made no effort to make migration over to modernized work techniques or move off into other areas until we began to have our factories and industries begin to crumble around our ears. Long before our oil reserves were depleted or environmental laws changed and the oil industry went elsewhere to by pass these standards alternative means were invented and the oil industry and automobile industry bought up the patents so they would not be developed and threaten those industries.

Educationally we do not produce the scientists and mathematicians we need to move us successfully and competitively into the present century. Our computer companies go to India and Pakistan for workers. The Koreans and Chinese are rapidly surpassing us technologically.

Wake up majority America! Is anyone out there listening? We are throwing away our rights. We are letting our economic development stagnate. We are failing to improve the minds of our future leaders by a poor educational system. We have become a lot like the Romans in the days of their pinnacle. They were so busy enjoying their elite lifestyle they failed to see the stagnation that led to their downfall.

Everything is cyclic. Up and down! The spirals can be survived if there is a willingness to make the changes and improvements that are needed. But nothing can be done if people are so comfortable with the status quo they refuse to see all that is passing them by. Am I the only one who is afraid for our country and the way a few extremists are vocally and actively destroying our country. Am I the only one who sees how the ridiculous divides for purely personal selfish gains are helping an enemy who wants to destroy us and our country.

We didn’t start this war. But we better finish it, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. Otherwise we better all get a copy of the Koran and hope we can make the terrorists believe we believe in ALLAH! We also better prepare to worship and dream in private, otherwise we will be dead or imprisoned.

Is there anyone else out there who is listening? Does any of this make sense to anyone else? Are you afraid too?

I pray often for those days when all I had to fear were the monsters under my bed and the shadows of darkness. Though dad is no longer with me, I find myself reflecting often on the comfort that my mom and dad provided against the monsters and shadows of darkness and wondering how one finds comfort against the reality of the real monsters and shadows of darkness.


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