Russian Sailors safely rescued

The British Navy used its Scorpio to free the Russian mini sub ensnared by an old fishing net several hundred feet below the the seas for several days. With only one days supply of air left, the sailors then raised the sub on their own to the surface. Both the US and Japan also answered the Russian call for help.

Doctors and medical staff were also taken to the site to make sure the men received any needed medical care promptly on the scene. Except for suffering from hypothermia, all were safe and well. I can imagine the jubilation among the sailor’s family members when they heard the good news.

Through out this ordeal the memory of the last such incident and its tragic ending loomed heavily in the background as the combined forces rushed to the scene to help save the trapped sailors. The UK Navy arrived first on the scene followed by the US aboard the Russian rescue ship. The US also brought along its Super Scorpio in case it was needed.

The Russian government has expressed its gratitude to all those countries who promptly began rescue operations and answered their call for help. The source of my information was my local news network and CNN. I also found an article CNN posted at their site and linked it above.


~ by devildog6771 on August 7, 2005.

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