“Forward Operating Base (FOB) Khamees”

There is a really great article over at Blackanthem.com. Look for the article, “Coalition Forces transfer authority to Iraqi army in Diyala,” at “Blackanthem.com, BAQUBAH, Iraq, August 06, 2005.”

Forward Operating Base Scunion has been renamed, Forward Operating Base (FOB) Khamees, in honor of an Iraqi Army Major killed in action June 26th. This was done on July 31 after command of the FOB was turned over to Iraqi soldiers of the 2nd Brigade, 5th Iraqi Army Division. This transferred the security responsibility for one fifth of the Diyala province to the Iraqi army. Go over to Blackanthem.com and look for the article above for the whole story.

There are many good changes happening in Iraq. This is just one of many positive results of the training our men have given to the Iraqi so they can rebuild their Army and regain control of their own country. “Cheers rang out in the closing moments…” Maybe it’s silly but I got that funny feeling in my stomach I used to get as I marched to the music during parades when I was in the Corps when I read this story and saw comments about the cheers that rang out. There is no feeling like that moment of pride one feels in the military when it has all come together!


~ by devildog6771 on August 7, 2005.

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