CNN Polling whether or not Pres should go on Vacation

CNN has a poll going this morning asking viewers their opinion about whether the President ought to be going on vacation now. The implication here is the President’s timing is insensitive! CNN even mentioned that a man actually did a study and determined that President Bush has spent 20% of his time in office at Crawford, Texas.

First off, didn’t that man have anything better to do with his time? Second, Camp David is beautiful, but if you had a ranch in Crawford, Texas, which would you go to get away from the D.C. crud so you could get some peace, do some real work, and re-group?

With all the political stone walling that President Bush has put up with on every political appointment, every effort to make America safe, every Judicial appointment, he certainly deserves a break.

Congress also went on vacation. Now there’s a play on words for us all. I thought they were already on vacation! Those not on vacation were subtly posturing their early campaign rhetoric. If as one Congressional member said, “we don’t read all those bills” we vote on, then what do they do besides “filibuster?”

It seems to me that most of their time is spent forming committees to review every decision and action the President makes. Will this be a working vacation for Congress? Will they take home copies of those unread bills so they can return and make informed yeah or nay votes? I don’t think so.

I lived in D.C. for fifteen years. You’d be amazed at the number of Congressional representatives who lead double lives. Their families at home and their mistress homes in D.C. There’s also the party crowd. How some of our hung over representatives manage to show up for “work” is often an amazing feat. That crowd is part of the next generation of Ted Kennedys!

Oh yeah, I forgot the crowd that spends their free time “sucking up” to the special interests groups like “big business” and the “labor representatives.” We also have all those members of Congress that are affiliated with the Socialist Party” that spend a lot of their time at “party” meetings planning strategy for swaying the Black Caucus, the Women’s Caucus, and several other ethnic and political caucuses. Now that group really does work! Only I am certain I don’t want to see their efforts pay off.

Bottom line. We demand and rightfully so high standards from our presidents. Why does the double standard exist for our Congressional representatives? Congress seems to have “a code of silence” when it comes to cleaning its own house.

I am appalled any representative would sign any law without reading it first. I am appalled that Congress spends more time forming Committees to investigate every aspect of the Executive body’s efforts to do its job, while it does not do its own job, legislate. I am appalled Congress does not hold itself to the same high standards. The only time a Congressional representative is drawn into the court of public opinion is when it is politically advantageous. It doesn’t even matter if the representative is really guilty or not as long as the political out come aids “the party!”

Our courts have been legislating from the bench for years. Why has Congress not put a stop to this dangerous precedence. I truly believe that there should be ceilings on time one may serve consecutively in Congress. Especially now in this time of abdicating Congressional responsibilities to the people and the Constitution in favor of “special interests” Congress needs to be looked at closer. We need a more open accounting of what our Congress does while in session besides political in fighting and tying the hands of the Oval Office.

It is time we got back to the true spirit of separation of powers between “all three” branches of the government. It is time all three branches were held accountable in the performance of their job. It is time the public became more informed. This is the information age. So, why do we not insist on the information necessary to form good judgments at the ballot box?

Whether or not the President goes to Crawford, Texas, Camp David, or sits in the Oval Office, matters less to me than whether or not he does his job! As far as I am concerned, he has done a great job. If CNN wants to do a poll, I’d suggests they poll Americans to see if they think Congress is doing its job!


~ by devildog6771 on August 5, 2005.

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