Ayman al-Zawahri has a message for the US and the Uk

Ayman al-Zawahri issued a message on tape for the US, UK, coalition forces, and those leaders of Arabic Nations with “corrupt” governments:

“Al-Zawahri threatened other nations who have sent troops to fight along side U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying they “will harvest the fruits of their cooperation soon, God willing.”

He also called for Arab militaries, intellectuals and businessmen to start working to get rid of “corrupt” regimes in the Middle East and “start prepare for change, starting now, whatever it takes of time or effort.””

Exactly which countries he is referring to in the Middle East is not clearly spelled out. I would assume he means Saudi Arabia for one except they have been funneling quite a bit of money into bin Laden’s cause in exchange for not encouraging civil unrest. So much for keeping their agreements!

Syria and Iran are sending troops and or weapons. Syria is also allowing non restrictive travel through Syria to Iraq. I suppose if the Al-Qaeda has been following Michael Yon’s reports, they must know that things throughout Iraq are moving along at a pretty nice clip except in Mosul, Baghdad and one other city in the triangle. As the new constitutions draws near completion and ratification, then the elections that are due to follow, we “will” see a more desperate and intensified effort to foil the Iraqis efforts toward Democracy. They know that if Iraq succeeds, they have lost!!

The media is doing polls to show how much the President’s approval rating has dropped due to recent events. When the media refuses to show Americans the whole story, how can people believe otherwise. Let’s face it, we have had it pretty easy for so long with our isolationist attitude that even the horrors of 9/11 doesn’t seem to be a sufficient reminder of the atrocities these terrorists plan to implement in America.

Appeasement seems to be the order of the day. Well, look around you every night before you go to bed. Visit that place you always wanted to go. Enjoy your lifestyle and freedom now. It may not be there tomorrow. Does our freedom and way of life mean so little that we would just hand it over to Al-Qaeda?

I saw Tony Blair’s speech today. He has finally gotten through to the people and Parliament that changes must be made to keep the homeland safe. Sadly, 9/11 doesn’t seem to be motivation enough to end the inter party bickering and posturing. Nor does it seem the American people have grasped the situation for what it really is, a war against an enemy that is determined to destroy us. These people shame the memory of every soldier who has died to date!

Spain is a great example of Al-Qaeda’s ability to keep its promises. After Spain pulled all its troops out of Iraq they still tried to bomb one of Spain’s high speed trains. So tell me, why should the UK or any other ally of the coalition believe their departure from Iraq will make any difference. I kept seeing the words conciliatory tone applied to the tape today on the networks and on the network sites.

For anyone dumb enough to swallow these false promises all I can say is start preparing body bags. You’re going to need them! Go to the link and read the entire article. While you’re at it, take a look at how much Al-Zawahri has aged. As far as I am concerned Al-Zawahri and bin Laden are on the down-slide to the land of the “virgins.” I won’t miss them; and, I don’t think any other peaceful nation will either.

What we really need to do is focus more attention in the area where our Marines were just killed. I think we must have already hit on a major supply route. The enemy has really begun to hit back hard there.


~ by devildog6771 on August 5, 2005.

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