Honoring Heroes

“Stars and Stripes” has a great article about those troops in OIF and OEF who have been decorated for their heroism in battle. The article is written about those recipient of the Nation’s highest medals. Rank was ignored in the selection of which heroes to write about.

In an excerpt:

“In this special section, Stars and Stripes, the independent newspaper authorized by the Department of Defense, examines the nature of heroism and, specifically, the deeds that have earned medals of valor for the dozens of service members profiled in these stories. Those included stand as surrogates for the thousands of others so recognized.”

Then the article goes on to say:

“These vignettes aim to delve below the surface of press releases and welcome-home parades to describe what earning a medal for valor is really like, and to honor the living and dead who earned them.”

Go to the link and read the whole article. Then on the lower half, read the individual stories of each hero.

God Bless all our troops. May your sacrifices never be forgotten. May you come home safely. May you come home and find some sense of peace in your lives.

To your families, may I say to you we also recognize your hardship and sacrifice. We honor you for all you too sacrifice as your loved one(s) serve our country and keep it safe.


~ by devildog6771 on August 3, 2005.

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