Iraq Fatigue?

Wow, CNN reports that the Press is suffering from “Iraq Fatigue!” Are we supposed to be upset about that? Maybe they would be less stressed if they didn’t spend so much time ignoring the real story and spent less time inventing their own. Are they fatigued or are they tired of meeting the demands of higher up officials and stockholders with their own financial and political agendas?

Does this mean we can assume the media will now start reporting the War effort more accurately and fairly? We can always dream! Maybe what is really happening is that “bloggers” are taking their toll on the creative skills of the MSM at manipulating the truth by giving a true accounting of facts as they unfold and the MSM is realizing that the every day American majority is no longer listening to them. Their ratings are dropping off and they cannot compete. Does the word “credibility” have any special meaning here?

Maybe it is really a matter of getting your own house in “order” first?? The public demands the truth. But the media up until now has missed the point here. They have become tabloid journalists and the public demands more!! We will no longer accept half truths or distorted facts.


~ by devildog6771 on July 31, 2005.

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