Supporting our troops

For over three years our men and women in the military have put their lives on the line to defend our country. They have also done an amazing job against impossible odds in helping the people in Afghanistan have a freely elected government. They are trying to do the same thing in Iraq.

Taking a people who have been virtually slaves to their own government and helping them discover the “right” of all people to be free and self determined, have their own freely elected government, and have something besides hopelessness and despair in their lives is not an easy task.

While the Al-Qaida, Taliban, tribal chiefs [growing opium] are trying hard to bring down the new government in Afghanistan, they will not succeed because the Afghans have fought long and hard for a number of years for their freedom, first from Russia and now from the very people who were supposed to be their “friends and allies, the Taliban and Al-Qaida. So the Afghans are not afraid to rise up against their oppressors and fight back.

The Iraqi people have had nearly half a century of Saddam to survive under. They have been beaten into the ground both in body and spirit. They have not had the time to redevelop their national pride as a free people. But little by little as the terrorists keep killing them and their children off one by one the Iraqi are beginning to want to fight back. They are getting away from the attitude of us being an occupier. They are letting our troops help them rebuild their country, their police departments, and their military.

As our troops route out the terrorists on the one hand, and give shoes, clothes, toys, school supplies, and medical treatment to their children, they see we are really not their enemy. As our troops go into a small village with supplies and fix a wheel chair torn apart by Saddam’s men for an Iraqi father with no legs so he can get around without dragging his body over the ground and pick up and hold his children, as our troops fix a bicycle for a young Iraqi boy, as our troops carry a small little girl in their arms, with tears in their eyes to get medical help, the Iraqi people are beginning to see we are truly there to help them. They are beginning to try to help themselves more. They are beginning to develop the will power and anger to fight back the terrorists who are killing their children and destroying their country.

Our troops are not just soldiers in these two countries. They are good will ambassadors. They are humanitarians. They are carpenters, construction workers, and advocates. They have trained Iraqi soldiers and police officers so the Iraqi can enforce their own laws themselves and fight the terrorists themselves. They are building schools. They go out to remote villages and make sure the people there are ok and find out if they need anything. When the troops found out how much the Iraqi loved soccer, they solicited donations for soccer balls and took them in by helicopters and dropped them down to the kids in many areas of Iraq where the kids had nothing but the rocks and cans they were kicking around to play soccer. They carry shoes, candy, stuffed animals and other toys with them constantly to have on hand to give out to the kids. They visit private citizens to see how they are doing. They even attend “teas” and sit down and get to know the people.

These are only a few things, a very few things, our troops do that are outside the realm of what one would consider a soldier’s job. How much of this do you read about in the MSM? According to the troops in the field, actually there, over 2/3 of the provinces are fairly peaceful and the local citizenry has begun to rebuild their homes, towns, and industries. New schools have been going up, new businesses opening, life is becoming more “normal” for lack of a better word. Again, do you ever hear any of this news on the MSM or read it in the MSM? Nope!

What about support in our government. Well, for the most part, if you are a Republican, then the progress of our troops is noted. Democrats for the most part have stalled every political appointment and every legislative effort to further safe guard our country at home and provide our troops with what they need to do their job. There is a cancer growing in this country in our political arena that is affecting the morale of our troops and the morale of Americans in general. Add to that the peace at any cost crowd that lack the backbone and insight to see what happens when you aren’t willing to fight for your country when necessary.

Our troops deserve better than this. Our country deserves better. But what really gets me is when some asinine jerk gets on the blocs of our troops and starts spewing the same garbage there that we have to put up with at home. If you can’t support our troops with positive encouragement, than go somewhere else. This isn’t about free speech or the right to your opinion. You are going on one of the few means our troops have of keeping in touch with their friends and families without waiting in long lines or waiting for days or weeks to call or get letters. That is also the medium where these troops can write down about what they are going through and get support from family, friends and well wishers.

Granted some of these troops are better at writing than others. They begin to garner quite a following. But again a flair or lack thereof with words doesn’t take away from what these blogs do for the morale of our troops. So, when you go on these blogs, go there to show your support. Don’t go there to debate politics, the correctness of the war, or to criticize the troops. Read what they write. Make your comments supportive. If you think a soldier appears to be in trouble, there are ways to subtly offer support and even express your concerns. If you want to support them in other ways, then ask them how you can help, whether by care packages or letters, whatever. Don’t forget to thank them “and” their families. Remember, those soldiers have wives, husbands, parents, and children, and significant others. Once you see just how much the troops appreciate the people who come to their blogs and support them, you’ll find you get back far more than you give. There is something very satisfying about knowing that in some small way your comments help our troops. Before you know it you’ll begin to feel like a distant relative or friend.

I go to many mil blogs. I don’t even have them all in my side bar. I worry about them all like they were family when there are black outs during operations, or when a death has occurred. That’s when my prayers get longer and more frequent. Whenever they don’t post for several days for whatever reason, I worry. But, that’s ok, because I am here where it is safe and I owe it all to our troops.

So all you jerks out there, if you can’t be supportive go somewhere else and spread your bile, no one wants to read it on the mil blogs!


~ by devildog6771 on July 29, 2005.

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