For what it’s worth

A lot has been happening lately. What with the bombings a second time in London and then those bombings in Egypt and Lebanon, I think the Coalition has got the cowards on the run. But, I think the war is far from over. There does seem to be a reshuffling of leadership. I even read in a couple places where Zarqarwi is becoming more important and influential than Osama bin Laden! Isn’t that just too bad??

Many imams in Europe are speaking out against the bombings and getting quite a bit of flack. But I think their protests are just so much rhetoric. What good does it do to speak out publicly and still teach jihad and violence is ok in the schools these young displaced Muslims are attending. None!

Then there was that guy the London police shot and killed. I personally think that was meant to happen. He came from the house the police located. He wore that big coat. I read on several blogs that some people reported seeing wires under the edge of his coat. The wires bit may have just been the rumor mill. However, these terrorists are not stupid. They understand the value of public opinion and they know how to use it.

Too bad the MSM can’t see that. The MSM didn’t even give proper coverage to the fact that a militant Muslim highly placed in one of the radical Islamic groups was a reporter for the Guadian! What was that quote from the Bible, “Let him who is without guilt throw the first stone!?” Well, as far as I am concerned the media has lost all my confidence until they do a little house cleaning of their own.

I sure did like the way Condi Rice handled that episode in Sudan. It must have been quite a threat to those in power to have an articulate, African American Woman Ambassador come there and show all their women that not all women are slaves. That even a country that once practiced the evil act of slavery can change. Guess they figured if they manhandleded her aides and guards they could lessen her stature. When she demanded a full, and immediate apology, she certainly made them look like the bullies they are.

But getting back to the terrorists, the higher ups may know these imams are just so much talk, but if you go around and read the Islamic blogs and chat rooms you will see that the underlings are not getting the word about their duplicity. They are speaking out and are quite unhappy. Even someone high up in the “food chain” wrote an anonymous letter stating opposition to the public out cries of the European imams. Can’t say that upsets me at all. Fighting in the ranks is good. That means they are no longer under the control of the big wigs!!

On the other hand it could be very bad. There will probably be more sporadic bombings all over the world by all those splinter groups trying to make a name for themselves.

People need to be more vigilant on their own. I don’t care how much the government does to protect us, they cannot do it all. If a suicide bomber wants to get by the safety measures, they will do so. You can bet if I ride a train or subway and see someone dressed for winter in the summer, I’m going to be suspicious. If a package gets left behind, as I haul ass for the door, I’m gonna say something.

I read the Homeland Security info and whatever else I can to stay informed. Why do I do all of this. It’s very simple. Who made up our original militia in America? Every day people like me and you. Our troops are busting ass doing a great job in Iraq and Afghanistan. Well we need to do the same ourselves at home. We don’t need to become a rabid mob. But we are the first line of defense here at home. So instead of griping about what isn’t done for us, do something yourself.

Be vigilant. Know the numbers to report suspicious activity. Learn what you can do right in your own community in conjunction with the police and fire departments to prepare locally. Like it or not, the world is at war. Good versus evil. And, these people are truly evil. They want to take over the world. I know there are many of you out there who say it can’t be done.

Well do your homework. If you don’t have a computer go to the library and do some reading yourself. Get them to show you how to use the internet if you don’t know how. The only shame is to stay ignorant.

Look at what those militia guys did out in the mid west to halt the flow of illegals. Everyone criticised them. Said there would be innocents being killed. But that isn’t what happened! They have done an amazing job. And they have been non violent!

Well, as I said, these are my opinions. I think they have merit. Anyone else who has a better idea, let’s hear it??

God Bless our troops and may they all come home safely. They are doing an amazing job. They are winning and making a difference in the world. My thanks also go to their families. If you know a veterans family, see if you can help them in any way. Thank them for all they sacrifice. Let them know they are not alone. Visit our injured if you can. If you’re like me you don’t have any spare money. But a smile or thank you goes a long way when it’s from the heart!!

Whatever you do, do not forget those families who have lost loved ones. But don’t just go to the funerals or send cards and flowers then. Their battle becomes a daily one to handle the grief and pain of their loss. Try to find little ways to be there for them. Offer them an occasional shoulder to cry on, because they will need it. Maybe you can babysit for them every now and then so they can get a break. I don’t know, for my family I know my mom loves to see people and have them talk to her and tell her about Mike. Or just drop by for a cup of coffee and let her talk to them. But, the most important thing is not to leave them so alone and isolated in their grief.


~ by devildog6771 on July 24, 2005.

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