The English Spirit

As I watched the morning news reports from London about the London Bombings yesterday I was struck by a few things. The press repeatedly asked Sir Ian Blair about intelligence failures and how the Brittish people’s confidence will be affected.

Sir Blair responded that “no intelligence agency was perfect. No intelligence agency can possibly prevent all acts of terrorism!” He also said, “Britons will simply go on with their lives. They will not give in to fear! Briton has the best anti terrorists prevention and intelligence inter agency cooperation in the world. That isn’t bragging, ‘that’s a fact!'”

This was the worst attack in England since World War II. Still, Britons in the streets say they will “not give in to fear and they will continue to live their lives, business as usual!” God, you gotta admire and love those Brits!!

Spain, Italy, yes, even France could learn much about dignity courage, and determination in a crisis from England! For that matter, here at home in America, we could follow their example of courage. Let no foreign enemy devide us!!

So what does the American press have to say? Well of course they are focusing on the administration’s failure to catch Osama bin Laden! Isn’t there a coalition of forces involved in Iraq and the Global War on Terror?

~ by devildog6771 on July 8, 2005.

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