Why we are in Iraq ?

As we look at the events unfolding in London today, this is a good time to examine our own involvement in the Global on Terror and Iraq. With all the partisan bickering and “left” and “right” mentality going on right now, I think many Americans and the world at large need some reminders.

In these times of great loss to America in terms of lost troops it is easy to forget why we are at war and why we are in Iraq. Except for those directly affected by the “tragedy” of 9/11 the general public view has been greatly changed by the distance of time and the realities of the loss in human life. What makes this war so very hard to keep in perspective is the lack of a “sovereign” nation that we can directly blame for this “war”.

Instead we have a permeating enemy that moves in the shadows. They know how to go to the poor and offer them without guilt the very basic elements of human survival and then use them and ultimately enslave them while they spread their hatred and extremist ideology. Their goal is now expanded, “world domination.”

Though the terrorists have declared open war on America and fully intends the destroy us they are in no hurry to do so. They are willing to take months, even years to develop their next attack. They are willing to kill themselves to carry out their attacks. Their value for “human life” is not the same as the rest of the world. That do not value human life the same as most people.


~ by devildog6771 on July 7, 2005.

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