Why are the US, England and a coalition of a motly bunch of gutsy new fledgling Democracies the only nations doing their part in the WOT and Iraq?

Events in London today have stirred up a lot of old issues and questions for me. Questions about ego, failure to fight for freedom when ot is necessry, holding on to the “big player” image while doing nothing to earn the position or role. I have some questions and thoughts about why some countries and the UN still are not doing their part in the GWOT and in Iraq. Why they are still hiding behind the bruised ego bit from when we got tired of doing nothing and followed through on the UN resolutions.

I may have missed it but I swear I haven’t heard a thing today from the UN about the London bombings. Why? Where is the UN’s outrage? Koffi Annan.. well I have a lot of thoughts about him but out of respect for his position I will practice restraint. He needs to be booted out. We need a leader there who isn’t afraid to stand up to those members who are trying to put a strangle hold on the UN and are putting personal agendas above world peace. We need a UN that isn’t impotent in a crisis!

France did express their outgage But talk is cheap! You can bet when the terrorists start their movement in France, and they will, the give’m “cake” crowd will be among the first to piss and moan for world help. Of course they will be “knock, knock, knocking at our door,” demanding we help as we are the only super power. Well, we didn’t get to be the only super power by sitting on our laurels.

We donate more money, more medical supplies, more troops, and more “lives” to the cause of world peace than all the other countries together. Do we throw it in their faces, nope. Are we arrogant. I guess we might seem that way to many. But let us not forget one major point, if you think us arrogant, you only have yourself to blame.

Are we not direct descendants of all the major countries, especially European, in the world. Didn’t all our anscestors come here because of much of the same b.s. going on in A LOT OF EUROPEAN AND ASIAN COUNTRIES right now led them to come here. They came from all over Europe and forged a country where we all work together while you guys, France in particular, are still trying to get it right. You’re still stuck in the “way we’ve always done it!”

It only took you what, over two hundred years to seriously set up the “European Union?” And, you still can’t stop bickering and get it right. We may have your genes, but we developed our own back bone. While you jump at every chance to show where you think we are over stepping our boundaries, you are still plagued by many of the same conflicts and human rights issues that existed over two hundred years ago. Case in point, Africa and the non productive meddling and control of oil resources in the Middlle East. On top of that is the influx of Muslim extremists that have grown to such a number, France especially, because of a “pacifist” at all cost mentality.

Are we better than, you, or smarter? No! We are just determined to work at it harder. Do we have problems and our on stupid prejudices, unfortunately, yes. But we don’t for the most part hide our dirty laundry. We air it publically. Maybe, at times too much so, but at least it’s out in the open. Not that we don’t have issues and motives that aren’t always so open. Like I said , we aren’t perfect. Enough said!

The UN as a body.. well that is a joke isn’t it. A body implies a working, coordinated mechanism. The biggest mistake made by the UN in their effort to try to bring all the countries together in the spirit of cooperation, was not recognizing all countries were not ready to be responsible members. They are more interested in their own special interests than world peace. They refuse to let go of their old prejudices and greed. They are definitely afraid of Democracy, because their governments are anything but democracies. They are autocratic, dictatorial and otherwise self serving governments who have greedy rulers and poor constituents who would love to get out from under their thumbs. So, of course they don’t want to allow the UN to help out in Iraq or the war on terror.

If Russia, who is broke, alllowed the Central Asians to be really independant, they would no longer have a strangle hold over their oil because those countries will build their own oil pipe lines and control their own destiny and resources instead of being economic hostages to Russia.If France, China, and Russia hadn’t been selling weapons to the extremists groups and not wanted to keep it quiet, they might have been more cooperative. Well, the secrets out now. If the food for oil scandal hadn’t come out we might never have known about the UN’s involvement.

I wonder what part of the charter this attitude breaks. What a hippocrate Koffi Annan is. France and Russia have been so tied up in the affairs of the Middle East and Central Asia it isn’t funny. Only the English have had the backbone to undo past errors. Only the English have had the backbone to really try to help out in Iraq. Only those countries from the former Soviet block and other small, still struggling, fledgling Democracies have really put them selves out to try to help in Iraq and in the Global War on Terror. They value their new found freedom and Democracy!

Had the UN and it’s more developed nations, especially France and Russia followed the UN Carter and followed through on resolutions passed by the UN with regard to Iraq, today’s London bombings might not have happened. It’s time for these spineless countries who are sitting back abd doing nothing but reaping the rewards of our dead troops and all the other coalition “real” contributors


~ by devildog6771 on July 7, 2005.

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