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Today’s events in London have caused me much reflection. In searching for a response to another, but related topic I reread some earlier posts I made on my first blog. They apply today just as they applied then. I think many people need to be reminded of why we are at war.

Must reads about terrorism

“Bin Laden, The Man Who Declared War on America”, by Yossef Bodansky
“Jihad, The Rise of Militant Islam in Central Asia”, by Ahmed Rashid
“Taliban” by Ahmed Rashid
“American Jihad, The Terrorists Living Among Us”, by Steven Emerson

There are many other well researched books out there. Read them, form your own opinions. But don’t settle for what you are being told. Go on the Internet and do your own research. I read newspapers from all over the world in their English version. It may be slightly condensed but does the job of informing. Read the recovered documents that the terrorists are using to train their members. Their goals will frighten you or any other “sane” individual. I think we should “…Be afraid, be very afraid!” BUT…Don’t let our fears or apathy rule over our common sense or intellect. Those people aim to “DESTROY US”. We finally have a president who frightens the terrorists because, unlike the Arabic impression of Americans ‘having no staying power” this president not only has it but has the good judgment to use it. For over seventeen years the U.S. has allowed the extremist to bully and kill our people all over the world in a ever increasing and violent manner culminating in the 9/11 attacks. We need to get off our “apathies” and do something to defend our country. Mr. Bush is doing that. Despite all the past mistakes and unanswered attacks of the past administration; despite being impeded by every type of political maneuver by way of congressional “committees and investigations”; “despite the media sour grapes of being left out of the loop after Geraldo Rivera’s unthinkingly giving out our troops location by drawing pictures in the sand”; “despite poor intelligence”; despite all the scurrying of past political and intelligence member to cover their “apathies” by finger pointing and “despite all the informed sources who are making unbiased claims in the forms of ‘books’ exposing all that were written in the interest solely of our countries security but took several years to write when they could have petitioned Congressional review”; despite all the military leadership who only has our country’s best interest at heart as they seek their political goals; despite all these “minor” obstacles, Mr. Bush has persevered and had the backbone to defend our country. What amazes me is this, “WE ARE AT WAR.” We didn’t start it. WAR was initiated against us in an open declaration. How many more Americans must die before partisan politics take a background seat to our country’s welfare and safety? If our troops demonstrated the same lack of conviction and cowardice to act that our elected officials demonstrate, they would either be in prison, or executed for treason!! HAVE THEY ALL FORGOTTEN THAT THEY ARE IN OFFICE BY THE GRACE OF THE AMERICAN VOTER??? Our elected officials have DIVIDED OUR COUNTRY long enough!!! I for one am sick of it. I am also sick of the slanted media coverage that is offered as they “hide” behind the “1st amendment”. Just as the constitution guarantees our rights, we also have responsibilities and accountability as individual citizens.!! Well, doesn’t the MEDIA, OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, and FORMER MILITARY LEADERSHIP also have accountability??


~ by devildog6771 on July 7, 2005.

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