Iraqi Opinion of the American efforts in Iraq.

Iraqi War Blogs…

In reading the war blogs and American soldiers’ blogs, I have come across countless blogs by Iraqi citizens of many different social levels, religious backgrounds, and educational levels. They all say the same thing…THANK YOU for what you are doing!! Thank you for helping to free Iraq. Thank you for helping to give me the chance to vote for the first time in my life.

They also talk about how most Iraqi don’t know how to “be free,” that they desperately want to be free. These blogs talk about the fear and death that have been so much a part of their lives for so long. They also talk about the fear of “hope” that Iraqi people feel. They discuss how that hope is beginning to grow and become a reality to many Iraqi.

These blogs post as frequently as possible and tell of the schools our troops helped build, the supplies Americans send to these schools, the training our troops have provided that give Iraqi a job future, and countless other “good” deeds our troops have performed.

Another common theme I find on these blogs is a strong criticism of the media, especially the American media, for their slanted, negative, reporting. On these blogs, the Iraqi who post there are puzzled by the poor media coverage. Most started their blogs because they realized most people in America were not getting the whole story about Iraq and the Iraqi people.

You will also find many negative comments by terrorists or extremist attempting to divert our attention from the good these blogs are attempting to show and the gratitude. But just as quickly, you will see that other Iraqi quickly respond and negate their propaganda. These positive blogs are becoming more and more common. You have to look for them, but they are there.

I am not nieve. I know the battle in Iraq for Democracy will be a long fought road. It will be different from our version of Democracy. But, I agree with the President, “People want to be free. Free people are less likely to want war.” I also recognize the negative blogs are also there. But, if you think about the danger that these bloggers live in and what could happen to them if an extremist finds out who they are, one can only admire their courage.

As hope becomes more and more of a reality and the power of the vote becomes more of a reality, I truly believe we will see the Iraqi win their battle for freedom.

The major powers of the world “caused” the mess in the Middle East. They caused the fear and distrust of America and the other coalition forces. They caused this by the Imperial empires that were still present until the sixties, the secret treaties after WW I and WW II that divided up the region “with UN sanction.” In Iraq, especially, the US, France, England, Norway [ I think it is] and an oil company, divided up the Iraqi oil five ways and none was given to the Iraqi after WW I. That plan stayed in effect until 1957. The Israeli and Palestinian crisis was also started by these self same countries, allies. They also divided the Middle East into the countries as we know them now without regard for ethnic, cultural, or religious concerns. It is about time the World powers fixed the mess they created. But we must look back on this History so we can understand why the hatred and distrust exist. The History is there. All anyone has to do is look it up and read it. The difference is this time, a world power and coalition forces are truly freeing the Iraqi people by allowing them to set up their own Democracy, establish their own laws and hold their own elections. Then, that world power and the coalition forces will be “leaving” that country and treating them as a free, independent country.

But until the changes in Iraq take place and the Iraqi people see we will be true to our word, many will look at history and judge us by past actions. Trust is earned. It is not freely given. We’re working on that trust now.

The UN and France, well, they think if they sit on their duffs and do nothing, we will fail. Maybe they are even afraid the truth will come out. Maybe they want the status quo to continue so they can continue the rape of a nation. But, in any event, the repercussions to the creditability of both is suffering. I find France’s position particularly hypocritical as they were and still are one of the “empire” countries that still inteferes, selectively, in the politics of former colonies as they continue to rape those countries of money and resources.

Sorry for my soap box. But if you look up the History of the region, you will find my info is accurate. I was surprised, myself, when I started reading about the region in an attempt to understand the hatred many there feel for us and the coalition. I was never taught these things in school. Do a google search on the countries in the Middle East. Do a search for the Iraqi blogs. You can also find them on most of the milblogs.

So we are doing the right thing? Yes! I pray to God regularly that the coalition efforts work and the extremists lose power as the Iraqi people nationwide begin to taste freedom and Democracy. I also pray for the safety of our troops. I marvel at their courage and the compassion and empathy they show the Iraqi.

I look forward to hearing others’ comments. I also hope others will look up the history of the region so more of us can understand why the distrust and hatred exists. This understanding will help us through the long haul in our efforts to “do the right thing” in Iraq. Here is the beginning of my post.


~ by devildog6771 on July 7, 2005.

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