Why should we stay the course in Iraq?

For months I have under gone a slow decline into despair over the biased reporting of the MSN on the War in Iraq and the inability of the Democrats to let this administration perform the job they were elected to perform. This same despair is affecting, I think, most of the nation.

The Democrats seem to have adopted an attitude that they will do “anything” to undermine this administration, even if it threatens the welfare and safety of our troops and great country. I think the taste of their own failure to come up with a platform and unified party has made them so bitter that they can only blame the administration for their own short comings.

The Media has like wise done it’s own hatchet job. They have had their hackles up ever since Geraldo broke the sacred trust and got himself sent home by express travel. He drew a map in the sand that could easily have helped the enemy forces locate our troops. In all fairness I don’t think that is the only reason for their constant case of tunnel vision.

I think the media began to feel that the embedded status they were given early on gave them special access to any and all efforts on the part of our armed forces in the war. Issues of security and the added burden of their safety never occurred to them I am sure.

But I think with the media there is another element to consider. The days of the Cronkites and Jennings are gone. The network wars of the past are now gone and replaced by a new war created by the Internet. “Scooping” a story before another reporter or another network gets there first is tough in an environment of 24 hour news and virtually instantaneous coverage.

Money is a major factor. Filling up the 24 hour time slots with news in a competitive manner that is also profitable is, I am sure, a major challenge. Scooping the other cable networks and providing substantial supporting information can be a real challenge.

It is my observation or opinion, for what it’s worth that the media has sold it’s principles down the drain. They never have been a totally non biased medium. After all they media is run by people!! But they did make the effort to adhere to some type of professional guidelines and standards. When they felt it necessary to speak out on a matter they used “editorials.”

We don’t really get those type editorials much any more. We get long exposes that present night after night of doom and gloom and the reporter’s implied indignation at the failure of the administration to address and fix a problem that has been there for several years, even several decades. But the public, inundated with this daily injustice starts to lose its objectivity. It puts aside its ability for independent thought and starts to react on emotion.

What can you expect. The media, the terrorists, the political figures who are supposed to represent us, are all doing the same thing, looking out for their own self serving, agendas.

So what is the answer? Well, I chose to put aside the emotional dribble we are fed on a daily basis that wears us down. I do my own research. I listen to the media, the politicians, the terrorists and I see that only one group out of the three is speaking the truth. Those terrorists want to kill us. They want to destroy our country and way of life. They want to destroy our spirit, our very soul.

But I have a message for all three of them. For the politicians, I have one word, vote. The power of the vote can silence any one of you egotistical, self serving, public officials who has forgotten why you are there. Don’t believe me, look back on the last two elections. We the people have spoken. You’d best listen.

My message to the media, ratings. If the media can’t report the facts and we have to go else where for our information, then the media ratings drop. If ratings drop, so do the profits. No profits, no jobs. All the media needs to do to get an idea of what their future will look like if they continue their present pattern is read the blogs.

As far as the terrorists are concerned, well, while we must never under estimate them, we must also never give in to them. They send people to our country to infiltrate every aspect of our way of life. They move into our neighborhoods, our economic infrastructure, our political processes, and any other area of our country they can to destroy us little by little from within. They know our laws better than we do so they use Churches and Mosques to teach their poison, launder money, and stockpile weapons. They send their drugs here to be sold to our young to finance their campaigns of terror world wide.

For over 17 years they made one attack after another against our country killing innocent civilians and troops all over the world. Then they made their second deadly attack on the Twin Towers here at home. Only this time they destroyed both towers and killed
several thousand people.

America came together that day. She offered her love and support to all those families who lost loved ones. She began to take stock of what had happened, how it happened, why it happened. Through it all two people became a bedrock of courage, leadership, and stability for our wounded nation. President Bush and Mr. Giuliani helped raise a shocked and despairing nation up and helped us take stock.

They helped us begin to work toward rebuilding and preventing this type of terrible invasion on our country from ever happening again. Laws have been passed, programs initiated, government agencies over hauled, and public awareness raised. We went into Afghanistan and hunted down the terrorist who did this to us. Our leaders tried to determine how to prevent the spread of this cancer both at home and abroad. They began to look at the causes of this type of fanatical action. They tried to determine their breeding grounds and havens.

In the midst of making all these changes, investigating all the internal failures of our own agencies and systems in place, rebuilding what had been destroyed, and pursuing our enemy, we began to really come together as a nation.

After Afghanistan, the administration went into Iraq. Saddam had already tried to kill one of our presidents, invaded his neighbors and been driven back, used genocide on thousands of his own countrymen, refused to do away with his WMD program. He has even used WMD’s on his own people. Several UN Resolutions were ignored. Sanctions didn’t appear to have any impact.

The campaign in Afghanistan against the Taliban was successful except for the failure to capture the criminal they harbored, Osama bin Laden. As we began to help Afghans rebuild and continue to deal with the remaining terrorists, we began to look for the next step at stopping the terrorists’ movement and making sure they never attacked our country again. We looked at havens elsewhere and it was felt that Iraq was the single most probable haven outside of Afghanistan.

Iraq is a central point in the Middle East. It is a major provider of oil for the world. It is the cradle of civilization. It was also ruled by one of the most brutal regimes in the world. Saddam Hussein was constantly becoming more and more aggressive to his neighbors, constantly waging war on his neighbors, constantly rebuilding his WMD program. His regime was a haven to terrorists. It was decided that if he could be removed and the people in Iraq freed and helped to establish a free democracy the terrorists movements already collecting there could be prevented from attacking not only the US but other nations.

As those people in Iraq began to prosper in a free society, their success and freedom would have a dramatic effect on the region which was full of people living in poverty, oppression, and political turmoil. But we were told early on, this was not an easy task. The war would not be over quickly!

Some countries like Kuwait and Egypt were already making great strides. Communism had already collapsed in Central Asia. And, though the struggles there were not over, progress was being noticeably made. The problem was there were all these displaced and radical Islamists who no longer were welcome at home who were beginning to organize and spread their power through terrorists acts.

Granted, the US, Europe, and other nations unintentionally played a role in the rise of these dissidents when they trained Osama bin Laden and others who spoke the language and knew the cultures to help in the freeing of Central Asia in hopes of ending the conflicts with less loss of life.

What no one could have predicted was the empowerment these men would begin to feel and the radical nature they would adopt. Nor did anyone anticipate the threat they would present to their home countries who had their own repressive regimes. Or that these same countries would even provide haven, finances and other support to allow this new army of displaced to go out and spread their radicalism elsewhere, anywhere, as long as they didn’t come home. No one anticipated the anger they would feel when their own countries would feel so threatened by their return home.

When Iraq attacked Kuwait and Osama bin Laden volunteered to go there to fight Iraq for them, his country turned him down. Then the US was allowed to build a base in his country fight and defeat Saddam. Osama was furious at his country. But he turned that fury into hatred at the US because we were the intruders in his mind. He declared war on the US and that war is still an on going war. Osama united and allied with all the dissident and unhappy and forged a powerful terrorist threat that is now waging world wide war. But right now they have chosen to make Iraq their Waterloo, or ours.

If we back out of Iraq now, the effects will be global. The terrorists movement that at this time is suffering heavy losses and fractures, is still a deadly force. Right now they are like a wounded animal that is close to the end of its battle but refuses to give up. While near the end, they are still capable of making a full recovery and throwing the whole globe into utter chaos if we give up now.

The media and the Democrats are using the war in Iraq to meet their personal goals and agenda but are not doing what is best for America and the Iraqi people. They are both struggling to rebuild and reclaim their own personal agenda at any cost, even success in Iraq. They are playing a deadly game that could have dangerous ramifications at home and abroad.

If you want to know what is really going on in Iraq, whether or not we should do as the President says and stay the course, then read what our troops say. They are in the heart of it all. They see “the good, the bad, and the ugly!” From the most peaceful to the most violent areas of Iraq they report and write about the Iraqi people and their courage, determination, and progress. They tell it all like it really is, and that isn’t what the MSM and the democrats are trying to sell us at home. Even the Iraqi people are now blogging and thanking us for our help and asking us not to abandon them now. The majority of Iraq is calm for the most part. The Iraqi are really beginning to help rebuild their country, and their army. They are beginning to work with us against the terrorists.

Go to “365 and a Wakeup,” “Turning Point,” or “Strength and Honor” and see what our troops say. Read what the Iraqi people convey to them. Read “Chrenkoff” and his accounts of what is going on in Iraq. He always provides numerous means for you to check out and validate what he writes.

Read “Michael Yon: On line Magazine.” Right now Michael is traveling all over Iraq with CSM Mellinger as he travels all over Iraq and sees for himself what is or is not happening and maintains a personal contact with the actual troops in the field instead of the filtered information that can sometimes be sent up a chain of command.

Surprisingly, CSM Mellinger previously invited on two occasions MSM members to go with him on his travels and report first hand the progress or lack thereof of the War in Iraq. On both occasions the invitation was accepted until the reporter saw how they would be traveling in a humvee. I suppose you could say they lost their appetite for the truth. Whatever happened to the Ernie Pyles of Journalism?


~ by devildog6771 on July 1, 2005.

6 Responses to “Why should we stay the course in Iraq?”

  1. micheal, thank you for the time you spent trying to better our country. Yes it’s true that we need to be in Iraq and finish the job, but sooner or later it’s going to get worse. Over the course of four years that we have seen war, we have lost over 3000 American soldiers. These losses are significant, and if we leave now, all those who died for this war will have been in veign. I support the U.S millitary, the marines and the army 100%. May God bless each and everyone of you and your comrads, especially if you see combat once again.
    Thank you michel

  2. Is twenty years “+” of sitting back and doing nothing not enough?

  3. it’s good to know that our country is doing something to protect us but, we need to realize that sometimes doing that right thing can cause more problem that we might not be able to handle. and i know that Iraq was the calls of this but something we need stop rushing into thing and sit back and see what happens. but I’m not try to say that we shouldn’t protect ourselfs but sometimes too much is too much.

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  5. Micheal, first off, I want to “thank you” for your service. I am honored that you took time to post your comment here.It means so much to me that a warrior who has actually been there has posted. You guys are the one’s who have been there and really seen things for yourself. I have to say I agree completely with everything you have said here.

    I am sickened that some people would leave those Iraqi to be over run and that all our who troops died will have died for nothing. I am further sickened that all our injured both physically and emotionally will have paid such a severe price for nothing. Then there are the troops deployed who sacrificed so much, many more than one tour.

    I am ashamed of some of the people and leaders in America!

  6. Iam a ssg in the army national guard , I served a tour of duty in Iraq opertion iraqi freedom II , WITH THE 39th out of Arkansas . I am a combat medic . I feel we should stay the course. I hate to think of letting those poor opressed people down. Who wepromised to help give them a better way of life a democracy. And for the most part i hate to think our brothers in arms shed blood and lost their lives . Just to be sent home before the job was done . GOD BLESS OUR TROOPs

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