Congress and Mr. Rumsfeld, Chrenkoff

Is this administration ever going to be allowed to do its job? Mr. Rumsfeld had to speak today about the situation in Iraq. Congress wants a time frame. What, are they brain dead or something? This is war. Or is our Congress unaware of this fact. Even now other nations and finally the UN are being wooed by the Iraqi leadership to provide additional help and support. The terrorists have made Iraq the main focus of their campaign in the Middle East. Documents have been found showing that there was a big meeting in Iraq several years ago which was attended by none other than the al Qaida second in command. Indications are that is also when Zarqarwi entered Iraq. Saddam hosted this event if I remember correctly.

It would seem that President Bush made the right move when he went into Iraq. The terrorists wanted a central place to start their campaign in the region. Iraq looks pretty central to me. Looks to me like we forced their hand before they were ready and in doing so took the battle to the terrorists on our time schedule not theirs.

In doing this we may have prevented a much broader attack here at home. However, one point of discussion was the terrorists’ plans to establish a central Arabic/Muslim foothold “and” take their war to the infidels, the US and Israel. There is a lot to be said for preemption.

Putting that issue aside, I am troubled by one main issue. The Congress has several members who have traveled to Iraq. Some like Senator Biden have been there several times. So why haven’t they reported the good that is taking place in Iraq? I saw no mention of the schools being built. Or the work being performed by many former oppressed countries who have valiantly sent people there to help Iraq succeed in its development of a Democratic government. I also saw no mention of the polls done by the Iraqi that shows public opinion within all major ethnic groups, including the Sunni has taken a significant rise. The last figure I saw was well over 40%. That was with the Sunni included in the poll.

I also saw no mention of the areas that are basically very peaceful and prosperous. That “green line” where everything above the line is doing very well. Not a single military blog was mentioned where the troops, actually in the middle of it all, talk about the progress and cooperation they are experiencing. Nor did any of them mention the big torture strong hold that was captured after the locals provided the joint military forces with tips that led to the discovery of this stronghold.

I read a report by Michael Yon the other day. He will be traveling all over Iraq with the head enlisted man in the American forces. This fine leader is the type who believes that in order to know what is really going on in Iraq he must actually go see for himself. What I found most disturbing was the fact that on two previous occasions reporters were actually invited to go along so they could get the “real Iraqi” story. Both “chickened” out at the last moment when they found out that they would be riding in a “humvee.” I hope neither of those reporters ever winds up in the military. I sure wouldn’t want them keeping my “back!”

You know what really makes me angry. The American MSM makes all kinds of profound comments and statements about the war, policy, the President and his administration, Iraq and they are almost always negative and blown up into expose type stories. However they rarely have actual supportive material. There is an Australian Blogger, Chrenkoff, who has written a great article about the nations helping in Iraq. Of course there were some commenters who added the usual negative feedback about the countries who left and are no longer helping. But, that commenter did not mention why they left. Some left under pressure over captured citizens. Others left over political ideologies. Still others left because their own economy was not strong enough for them to stay longer. What also amazed me was the numbers. Very few have left; but, there are many who have stayed. What impressed me about those who stayed was who stayed. Most were former oppressed nations that the US helped in their struggle to be free. Others were former oppressed nations that were determined to help others enjoy what they were now enjoying, freedom and democracy.

Many of these nations are still fledglings themselves. Their economies and nations are still in the early stages of growth. Yet they risk helping Iraq because it was the “right thing,” the only thing to do! Go to the link and read their stories. And while you’re there go to the side bar on the right and read the following :
“”Good news from Iraq” Part 24 Part 25
“Good news from Afghanistan” Part 9 Part 10
“Good news from the Islamic world” Part 4 Part 5
“Euro news round-up” Part 5″

I think you will be surprised at what you find there. He doesn’t make profound statements which are unsupported. He does his research. He provides supporting sources and information for what he writes. And, he doesn’t report just the negative news. I think our MSM could learn a lot about good journalism from this fine writer!


~ by devildog6771 on June 23, 2005.

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