Seven months into the term and already Republicans are joining the ranks of the Democrats of ambition over the best interest of America!!

I was browsing around on some sites I don’t get a chance to visit as often as I would like. I found an interesting article over at Minstrel Boy. Here is an excerpt of that article: “US News and World Report quoted Mr Hagel, a top Senate Republican said to have presidential aspirations, as saying US troops were ‘losing’ the Iraq war.
He also said: ‘Things aren’t getting better, they’re getting worse.
‘The White House is completely disconnected from reality.
‘It’s like they’re just making it up as they go along. The reality is that we’re losing in Iraq.’…”

Apparently the Democrats aren’t the only one’s willing to sell our country down the drain for personal gain. Read the rest of the article at the link.

I for one am very much sickened and frightened that our elected officials can’t seem to do the job they were elected to do, run the country, pass laws, work together for the common good of America.

You know, America has a reputation that has been in place for quite a while. When you enlist her help or she volunteers to help, don’t expect them to follow through in the long haul. Since the beginning of this conflict I have read as much about the history of the Middle East as I could to find out why they appear to hate us so much.

One of the reasons is our involvement in the region along with England, France, Holland and several other major players in the world playing field. That is a discussion for another time. The second reason is the one I stated above, we never finish what we start.

The terrorists have long said if they just drag out the War in Iraq or Afghanistan, America will tuck its tail between its legs and go home. Now these comments were not directed to or about our fighting forces. It was a remark made about the American people in general and American politicians. I am going to add Senator Hagel to my list of useless Senators whose only real function is to serve their masters, some big company. Lobbyist, or other special interest group, or even worse, his own selfish personal political agenda.

I don’t know which is worse, the Democrats who refuse to do their job and hold up every presidential appointment or the spineless Republicans who don’t seem to be able to work together even though they have a majority and let our President do his job. Except, maybe those Socialists traitors who would love to see our form of government fall to the wayside without a fight.

I think it is time to put a cap on the number of years a Representative or Senator can hold consecutive terms in Office. Both stay in office so long they think they no longer have to represent the common man or woman. Worse yet, those spineless jelly fish want to sell out our troops “again” for political gain. Now we are seeing the “only” similarity to Vietnam, cowardice on the part of our elected officials.

We also need to change the way elected officials obtain their funding. Get rid of the loop holes that let influential special interest groups “buy” our votes away from us common folk. Dedicate so much “free” air time on radio, TV, and cable in equal proportions to all candidates. The Presidential candidates of course should get a larger amount of time.

Do away with the useless primaries. The ones who benefit from the primaries isn’t you or me, it’s the guys with the money. Change the terms for our Supreme Court judges. Life is a long time for the common man or woman to be raped by jurists who chip away at our Constitutional rights. I know I will be blasted here, but put an age limit, say 70 or 74. Do the Same thing for our elected officials. Apparently, unlike our fore fathers, today’s elderly statesman are afflicted with poor judgment and tunnel vision. On critical issues maybe we need to find a better way than the filibuster. Why not call a special vote like a referendum and let the people decide. We sure can’t screw things up any worse than our elected officials are doing right now.

It is now June! How many Presidential appointments for key positions are still being held up by the De,Democrats, not because of poor selection but because they can. How much time has already been wasted? What we are now witnessing is the “screwing of a President who hasn’t even been kissed!” Our older, supposedly experienced and wiser elected officials show either signs of impotence or a total lack of regard for what is best for our country.

Well, I have made what I consider some pretty wise and far reaching reforms suggestions. Of course, I doubt most would past the Constitutional test. But I have one more suggestion that is certainly within the rights and power of the American people. Vote every darn one of them out of office. Elect all new Senators and representatives. Let them feel the squeeze of the power of the American publics “empowerment where the “sun doesn’t shine!”

Senator Hagel an any other elected official who thinks the American public will let him or her get away with trampling on the graves of our dead American troops better take a real close look at all the blogs out there and read what the American voter really thinks instead of listening to the garbage that passes for news and accurate political analysis or poles on public opinion. The American people are regaining the empowerment long stripped away by partisan judges and legislators who think they know better what is best for America than the voting public. By the way that last comment was made by an elected official during an interview. He made that comment or said words to that affect when asked about whether or not he really listened to his constituents.


~ by devildog6771 on June 20, 2005.

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