R2A, Fire in my apartment, what’s up?

Say it isn’t so! I have been off line for over a week. I had a fire in my apartment. Then I come back to find Red 2 Alpha is shutting down! Say it isn’t so!! I love his blog. And, lately with all that has happened to him and his men, I have been worried about him. I think I can safely say from the posts of late, I am not the only avid reader who shares that feeling.

So I went to his blog. 150+ faithful readers are also as shocked and upset as I am. Red, we love you man. We don’t want you to stop writing. But we also understand your feelings and the circumstances.

The terrorists are reading all the milblogs to try to get info of any form that will help them. While you don’t violate OPSEC, there may be some who have done so unintentionally. I wrote R2A a little poem on his site. I’d like to share it here.

“The Measure of a Man”

You know Red, it’s ok to be down. It’s ok to want it all over and be at home where you belong.
It’s ok to feel the weight of a leader. It’s ok to want to have just a moment when you don’t have to be so strong!

It’s ok to be afraid all the time. It’s ok to feel outside yourself when everything’s too much.
It’s ok to feel an overwhelming rage. It’s ok to curse and spew about the war, the MSM, stupid orders and such.

It’s ok to cry when you’re over flowing inside. It’s ok to pray to God it will all go away.
You are but a man, you see. No man should live and see what you do in a day!

You’re like the man in Thoreau’s “Different Drummer.” You’ve found your own way to survive each and every miserable day!
Patton said, “Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.” I read your words and hear your thoughts and know you too live that way!

I could find no other way to say what I want to say to you by way of encouragement. So I wrote this poem. I hope it brings you (and your men) some measure of pride.
I know you beat yourself up for how you feel. But, I think the most courageous of men are those not afraid to say what is inside!

by: devildog6771


~ by devildog6771 on June 8, 2005.

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