Did I hear this right- ask permission?

I just heard an interesting comment on CNN today. Apparently the filibuster is over due to compromise. However, if the President would just ask the Senate for “guidance” on his appointments the whole thing could have been avoided??? What planet is that man from? What about the separation of powers? Does it only apply to the President? Do we really want Constitutionally illiterate senators representing our country?

One of our biggest mistakes in this country was allowing our courts to violate the Constitution when they cast aside legislation and did their own version instead of sending the legislation back to the legislative body for a re-write. Are we now going to allow the Senate to cross that same line and tell the President he can’t make his own nominations? If his nomination doesn’t go through he can’t re-nominate later?

How about we send a copy of the Constitution to the entire Senate body and have the Democratic Minority leader read it word for word to all senators. Make it a must attend event for “all” Senators because it sounds to me like they need it. I wish I could remember the name of the Senator or man who made that “asinine” and illegal comment to CNN.

“Ah, Um, Ah, Mr. Speaker, could I have an appointment next Week at “the Senate’s” convenience to discuss my list of appointments before I submit them. Uh,um, I just want to make sure I am picking good people. PPPPlllease??….. Bullshit!!!

Go get’em George. Tell’em where to put their kiss. They ought to be used to it by now anyway. They all or at least a great number of them already have their noses up in that region on their special interest supporters anyway. What’s one more kiss.


~ by devildog6771 on May 24, 2005.

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