Has Iran been busy behind the scenes?

You make up your own mind. Go to Regime Change Iran . and read the articles there about Iranian President Khatami and Chavez of Venezuela. Chavez supposedly wants to support Iran against the United States. He also wants to have nuclear weapons if the article is correct in its information.

I also found the article about a supposed plan of Iran to cause an out right confrontation between the US and the Islamic in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since 9/11 I have repeatedly written emails to CNN about Iran’s role in the terrorists movement on a world wide scale. Everything I have read and researched says Iran runs the whole show.

What I found most disturbing was the Hezbollah activity in the United States and the recent arrests. One of the men arrested came into the US illegally through Mexico. If they didn’t now that route before 9/11, CNN certainly has let them know by now how easily they can cross over from Mexico.

Every time the media grabs a story that seems to require a little discretion and maybe a professional courtesy DOD contact first to insure National Security and troops safety issues aren’t involved, the media beats it into the ground. Stories that ought to be given attention are brushed over. They get very little more than a cursory byline.

I know that one of our biggest media networks has had investments by the Saudi. Maybe it is time to take a close look at the paper trail for the “big three” and see just how much foreign investment is involved. I think it might also be time to consider that if the media is not overly influenced by foreign stockholders then maybe the monopolies enjoyed by the there networks needs to be looked at for other violations. I am all for freedom of the press and protection of first amendment rights, but not at the expense of the security of our troops and our country.


~ by devildog6771 on May 23, 2005.

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