Was the War in Iraq justified?

According to an article by ABC there is new information that again says the intel for the War in Iraq was trumped up! Well, we have had the 9/11 commission reports and God knows how many other Investigative committees, mostly sponsored by the Democrats and even some Republicans. Senatorial elections can bring out the survival mode in most representatives. Get over it damn it!

How much more will the current administration be hampered in its ability to do its job for the sake of partisan politics. Judicial appointments are being held up, some for years. Appointments to key positions in the government from the UN representative to cabinet posts to Homeland Security Director have been help up and debated beyond any reasonable purpose except to cripple the present administration.

How much longer will the Democratic Party prevent or stall the functioning of our government. You are endangering the safety and security of our country. You are disrupting our economic growth. You have slowly chipped away at any remnants of Domestic tranquility. You have opened our country up to threats against our national security from outside our borders and from within.

This is a dangerous trend in this country today that has nothing to do with terrorists. Our political leaders, especially the Democrats are caught up in a cycle of one-up-manship that is crippling the effectiveness of our government. There is little regard for the day to day functioning of the government and the impact on the country or its people and their quality of life.

We have an enemy that wants to destroy our country. They have declared “WAR” against our country! They want to slowly destroy us from within economically and culturally. They have sent “sleepers” into our midst who unlike the majority of Muslim Americans who are proud to be here and contribute and work hard for the betterment of their lives and “their” country, want to use our political processes and legal system to slowly erode and breakdown our country from within when they get the “call.” As they instill themselves into every aspect of our country, those terrorist outside the country are killing our people and anyone who shows any attempt to work together with us to try to help Iraq and Afghanistan develop successful, free, Democratic countries.

Then we have the home grown American terrorists and fanatics. These groups have observed the tactics of the outside terrorists and are beginning to organize and implement their own attacks within America.

After all, whose going to stop them, a government crippled by partisan politics. Leaders who care more for their influential sponsors, who “own” them, or the public that elected them. Add to that the new and silent serpent in all this, the Socialists who want to have a political candidate on the Democratic ticket by 2007.

The Socialists are to me an even bigger threat. When the Old Soviet Union dissolved, they were initially upset. Then, they began to see that this as a positive event. The y decided that they could now establish a new world order of Socialism, that didn’t have the dictatorial leaders of the old Soviet Union. They could have a world government where the “people” had a more prominent role.

This new Socialism is happy about the New European Union. They want to involve themselves in this new government and become entrenched as in their effort to form a socialists world government. In the US they already have the Progressive caucus made up of members who are Democrats. Of course they deny any affiliation and since the ties were first mentioned in the late 1990’s have removed any information that would show affiliation with the caucus. But is you look hard enough the links still exist.

The socialists are also using Ross Perot, who as far as I know is not a socialists and any other independent political candidates who can siphon off votes from the Democratic party. They are using Jesse Jackson and the Black caucus, the women’s caucus, and several other minority caucuses by throwing votes and support in their direction to further weaken the Democratic Party so they can have their own socialist candidate be selected as the Democratic Party presidential candidate by 2007.

The Democratic party better get its blinders off. They better stop looking for ways to destroy the credibility of the present administration as they posture themselves into position for a hopeful win in the next election. They are so busy going outside the party to fight demons they are blind to what is happening in their own party. This blindness is preventing legislation badly needed for the safety and security of this country from international terrorist and threats “and” our own “internal” domestic threats. Our biggest enemy right now is from within.

We have a party so determined to regain their political power that they are willing to cripple our government in the process. How can the Democrats even think about running the country when they can’t even see what is happening inside their own party?

But what frightens me the most is the attitude of individual Americans. Up until recently I considered myself a Democrat. But I began to adjust my thinking. Why should I align myself to a single, specific party, rather than the person best for the job at any given time. Blind following leaves us to open to corruption and abuse of power. It removes the need for accountability.

We must never become complacent and blindly follow or accept “a” single party view to the extent that said party is no longer accountable to those who elect and put them in office. We must never allow our elected officials to think they know more and better than we do what is best for “us” and “America!” We must never give up our voice. When they act as our officials are acting now, we need to elect them out on their “complacent, collective “butts” and put in someone else who “will” do their job.

I don’t remember ever reading in the Constitution that a single party ideology was more important than the principles of the Constitution. We fought and won our independence because of this type of uncaring arrogance. Party affiliations can be broken much more easily. If our elected officials don’t start doing the job they have been elected to do we “will” vote them out on their collective butts.

There is something to that old cliche, “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”


~ by devildog6771 on May 19, 2005.

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