“War Reunites Long-Lost Brothers”

This is the title for a story done by ABC News on May 15, 2005. Two men waiting to deploy to Iraq found out they were brothers!!. Can you imagine the shock you would feel if you had a brother you hadn’t seen in years and discovered that he was sitting at the same table as you playing a game of cards while you both waited to be deployed to Iraq.

This really happened. Sean Hurley and Albert Hendricks, Jr. Hurley and his mother mover to Virgin Islands when Hurley was four. Until their chance meeting at Camp Lejeune as they waited to be deployed to Iraq, Hurley had not seen his brother or his father in all the years since that move.

Now a father and two brothers are united again and a father waits for the safe return of two sons, one he hasn’t seen in twenty-two years.

It is amazing that in the midst of such deadly times such a “happy” reunion can occur. Please go to the link and read the whole story reported by ABC.


~ by devildog6771 on May 17, 2005.

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