Just a few thoughts

The Marines have finished “Matador.” It was a successful mission. However the loss of nine
[9] Marines was a terrible tragedy to all, especially the Ohio town where these guys were from and to the unit itself.

Many other Marines were injured. But, a number of terrorists were killed or captured. The Marines did put a gaping whole in that route used by the terrorists to infitrate from outside Iraq by way of Syria. Though this was a costly mission, the long term positive effects will be felt by both the Iraqi and our troops.

While “Matador” was being conducted, the terrorists captured hostages and demanded that Matador be ended. Though little was covered by the media that was positive about this mission, I see this act by the terrorists as an indication that the mission by the Marines did great harm to the terrorists network. I would imagine it greatly affected supply lines and fresh outside replacements badly needed by the terrorists. A point evidently beyond the scope of the MSM’s ability to see since they never mentioned what effect this mission would have on the terrorists over all effectiveness.

I don’t think the point was missed in Iran. A radical group announced they were training 200 members, mostly women, to be suicide bombers in Iraq. Of course the official Iranian position is they don’t support this group. Right! Wonder where the UN and some of those rights groups for women are when you need them?


~ by devildog6771 on May 16, 2005.

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