If you really want to be sick check out

the garbage put out by this site: http://www.forsakethetroops.
info/index.shtml. Every now and then I encounter something so vile I am almost consumed by rage. To think my nephew and all our other men and women died for this a$$hole makes me profoundly sad and ill. Here is an excerpt:

Don’t military pukes learn anything? Nine more Marines bite the big one in combat. Stupid is as stupid does!

This treasonous jerk ought to be packed aboard a plane with a shute and then pushed out over the heart of the terrorists camps where ever they might be and then let’s see how fast the coward starts begging for the “Marines” or any other troops to save his pathetic ass!!

I’m sorry but I sure would love to see his face on Al Jazeera begging for mercy. You notice the F^@*(# coward didn’t enable comments!

I found this at Scittish Tanker Hooligans by way of
‘From the Halls to the Shores” at : http://www.hallsofmontezumashoresoftripoli.


~ by devildog6771 on May 16, 2005.

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