Senior Airman Brian Kolfage

Blackfive has a heart warming story about Brian Kolfage. On Sept 11, 2004 a direct mortar hit injured Brian. An excerpt of his injuries is below. The link takes you to Blackfive for the rest of Brian’s Story.

“The injuries were severe. His right hand was just torn up as if chewed up. His left hand had a hole from were shrapnel had sliced through it just underneath his thumb. His right leg had been peppered by shrapnel. His left leg, the most severe and life-threatening injury, was almost severed at the hip and just holding on. As I wrapped his hands and applied pressure on his left leg I never stopped talking to him for he almost dozed away a couple of times and I feared he would not wake up again. I assured him he had nothing to be ashamed off, that I was proud to serve with him and that he would make it back home to his family and Nikki.”

I have edited this post after I got a comment because I realized I made an error when I moved to this blog. I inadvertently left out part of the story. So I researched for more on Brian to give readers the story behind Brian’s injury and subsequent recovery. As a result I will be doing a new story that will amaze everyone as I was amazed!!

Read More about Brian Kolfage:


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5 Responses to “Senior Airman Brian Kolfage”

  1. This is my cousin 🙂

  2. I was there when this happened. I worked with the flyers that flew him to Germany. I was in my tent when it happened. I unzipped my tent and saw people standing out there. I found the letter last night that I wrote my husband recalling what I was doing at the time. I’m so glad that he is doing great. I would love to meet him.

  3. […] are Brian Kolfage and Winter the Dolphin? Senior Airman Brian Kolfage was injured by an explosion while deployed in Iraq and lost both legs and an arm. Winter, the […]

  4. I agree, Brian is truly amazing! Thank you for your support on Brian’s behalf!

  5. My name is Carolyn Brown, and I am an Australian. Late last year, I saw on television Brian Kolfage. I was heartwrenched and learning about his injuries and how inspirational this man truly is is, has indeed changed my outlook on life. I have only been connected to the internet but all this time, kept his name written down on a piece of paper and placed in the top drawer of my bed chest so I could one day, look him up. I have just read the above information but will after leaving this reply, view further into this site. God Bless this man and all the many others that have been injured and fallen.

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