Where is Kofi when you need him??

Have you ever noticed how quickly Kofi Anan speaks out against the violence in Afghanistan when one of the UN’s own people or one of their contracted worker’s is injured or killed.

He gets all pompous and makes demands that Afghanistan, the ISAF for Afghanistan, and the Coalition forces must do more to stem violence.

I say pompous because while the UN robbed the Iraqi people in the Food for Oil Campaign and fought the US and other Coalition forces in their efforts in the War on Terror in Iraq and elsewhere, the UN in my opinion has contributed nothing of significance in the War on Terror except rhetoric!

All reminiscent of France and its failure to do anything. Anything, except, that is, kill African citizens in a former colony that is supposed to be “independent.” When I look at France and the UN I see a “FOX” just waiting to get into the hen house! Or, a “kid” caught with its hands in the “cookie jar!!”

My point! Does “self-serving” interests ring a bell?


~ by devildog6771 on May 9, 2005.

One Response to “Where is Kofi when you need him??”

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